We inspire & deliver outstanding agile & lean transformations

Our highly contextual approach takes the pain out of agile adoption, by guiding you through the entire process to produce sustainable results. We do this because people in agile/lean organisations share an aligned vision and purpose resulting in the ability to build better quality products, faster, and happier, more motivated staff.

Vibrant Community  |  Advanced Training  |  Consultancy With a Difference

AWA is unique because we're a community of practice that houses free events, training with international experts, a global private support network & full service change consultancy with some of the best consultants in the world.

Community is at the heart of our vision

Each month we run 3 free events focused on scaling agile and organisational change, acting as a forum for scaling agile professionals to come together at events and online. Our events deliver excellent content on scaling agile, lean flow, & organisational change with the aim of making learning as easy as possible. Expect advanced discussion, influential and relevant speakers, and a friendly group!

Because we’re a Scrum Alliance endorsed group – you can earn SEU points towards your CSP by attending our events or watching our videos.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am in my career without all the things I have learned from coming to these meetups Thank you ”

Our inspiring & highly participative courses will arm you with the tools to tackle
the challenges of implementing agile practices across your organisation

Advanced training for Agile Coaches

We offer a curriculum that spans the full range of learning for agile coaches and organisations to build a successful internal coaching competency, with a range of learning pathways to suit all career paths.

Because we are framework agnostic, we can offer course content on all the scaling frameworks. The only training provider in the UK to do so.

Our public training courses are well known for being led by the some of the most respected and influential agile experts in the world, including Alistair Cockburn, Craig Larman, Lyssa Adkins and Dan North. These courses are popular and usually sell out. We can offer your organisation preferential rates on group bookings for these courses.

Learn more about the curriculum and our training schedule here.

I learned more about Scrum (and at scale) in three days than in the last three years – even though I am an agile trainer/coach. On top of that, it was great fun. Bas is an excellent teacher. The things you learn on this course are immediately applicable in daily practice. – LeSS course review

We take the pain out of Agile, IT and organisation transformation.

A consultancy with a difference

Your organisation may be experiencing pitfalls and challenges that need overcoming. Our highly contextual approach takes the pain out of agile adoption and the resulting organisational change that is often required, by guiding you through the entire process to produce sustainable results. AWA is an award winning consultancy that can help you to avoid false starts, bumps along the way, and benefit quickly from adopting agile / lean at scale.

Talk to us today about organisational change programmes, coaching, mentoring, training, and ongoing support.

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AWA Support Network

The AWA support network is a new initiative for 2016. We recognise that organisational change is highly contextual and being a change agent is a difficult and sometimes lonely role.

In response to this challenge, we have created the free to join AWA network to support professionals in their day to day work in a confidential secure space.

Independent of consultancy, client, tool, framework, and anything else, the support network can offer contextual help to other members of the network for free. Every member is picked based on their contribution to the community, Agile and Lean body of knowledge, and ongoing commitment to support and engage with the rest of the network.

This gives a safe and confidential place to ask contextual questions and receive answers, and to share your expertise. It also provides our consultants and clients with a huge resource to draw upon in any given situation.

If you are interested in joining the network, please email support@adventureswithagile.com for more details.

Frequently asked questions

Can I run a course/event with AWA

If you would like to run a course or a meetup with us please email charley@adventureswithagile.com with as much information about the course that you have to share. We will then review and get back to you with some questions.

Can I speak at AWA?

Yes! If you are confident getting on stage and sharing your experiences with peers, friends and colleagues, then please email charley@adventureswithagile.com. We have 4 different events that you can talk at, and we take all applications seriously!

How can I help?

People who help us can help make the community a vibrant, useful resource for our fellow agile practitioners. You can help us by participating in online conversations, submitting questions and answers to the monthly Q&A panel and sharing articles you have written on our blog. Email community@adventueswithagile.com to get involved.

Are you an independent company?

Yes, AWA is independent. AWA was founded by Simon Powers in 2014. Alongside Simon, the leadership team are Charley AllenHeather Powers and Mika Peck. We welcome opportunities to partner with organisations and communities that are aligned to our mission. Get in touch with the team here.