Our Vision


To make working life better.

Adventures with Agile helps organisations grow using agile and lean as the toolkit.  We do this because we believe that agile and lean working can improve the way we make products and services, which has the knock-on effect of making our lives better at work and home. Each day we work in different ways to help our clients, colleagues and community towards this vision.



Using the vibrant, global AWA community we bring you:

  • Free Events 
    • Split into three streams: International Speakers, Local Learnings, and Experiential Learning
    • An online private, safe support network that’s arisen from motivated individuals from the public community
  • Training => 
    • Covering the entire spectrum of agile / lean training
    • Bespoke courses from international trainers
  • Consultancy =>
    • Embodying the principles and practices of Agile and Lean that’s grown from the most active and motivated coaches in the agile community.


We focus on large-scale change because we want to affect the most people that we possibly can. We believe Agile can change the way we do business across the world, for the better. Agile brings a transformation to participants both internally and within the workplace that leaves people happier and more productive. Resulting in a better life at home as well as in the office. We want everyone to experience that.


AWA was founded by Simon Powers, who has real world experience implementing Agile at scale in many large organisations. We have excellent relationships with a large network of industry experts, coaches and other community leaders who provide ideas, talks, courses and feedback.

Alongside Simon, the leadership team are Charley Allen, Heather Powers and Mika Peck.

A team pic with 2 of our coaches

A team pic with 2 of our awesome coaches