Adventures with Agile

We believe agile ways of working contribute to a better working life and better products. Because agile improves the way we learn, share and communicate, resulting in shorter delivery times, motivated people, and an increase in customer value. We do this through coaching, training and our community events. Talk to us today about how we can help you.

AWA have deep practical knowledge on how organisations can bring focus to their delivery need in a modern world – Andy



We believe that people learn best when a course is fun, interactive and immersive. Attend our training & learn with some of the brightest minds and practitioners in the world.



Our award-winning consultancy helps organisations achieve their business goals through our trusted approach and high-impact workshops, consulting and coaching.



Community is at the heart of everything we do. We host free events every month; from thought leadership talks to interactive games and workshops.

Jeff Patton at AWA

We absolutely loved Jeff Patton’s brilliant talk at this AWA Meetup in London. Jeff shares stories of how we use discovery work to identify when we’ve got a “thud” on our hands. And, how the hardest thing to do is recognize and let go of our thuds. A must watch!

We're an ICAgile Partner

We believe in the importance of building personal and organisational competency by providing a clear learning pathway that helps agile practitioners become masters of their craft. As ICAgile partners we have been working to accredit our courses against one of their most advanced tracks. It’s called “Enterprise Agile Coaching” and was developed for agile coaches who wish to take their skills to the enterprise level.

What is Agile?

Over the last few years, the word agile has taken on different meanings and used in multiple contexts. So what is Agile? And why is it so hard for beginners to get their head round it?

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