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As the premier provider of training and coaching, we help our clients unlock agility in their organisations, resulting in better products, happier employees, and more delighted customers.

Our job is to make your working life better. We do this by training, coaching, and mentoring your teams, your departments, and your entire organisation in more agile ways of working that lead to better outcomes, solutions, products, and services.


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Training programs and workshops tailored to suit your business’s context. This means more relevant learning to meet your specific goals.

People first business coaching

Our sister company, Bryter Work helps you build a Bryter working world, with happier teams who make better decisions & deliver better outcomes.

Public training AWA

Transformative and highly-impactful certified agile training courses cover full range of learning to enable team and enterprise agility.


New Visual thinking for coaches in person

Visual Thinking for Coaches 
with Gemma Honour
18 – 19 May 2023

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Systems Coaching & Thinking
with Alan Jennings
22 – 24 May 2023

Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp

Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp
19 – 23 June

Bryter Work

Bryter Work has launched!

We are delighted to introduce our sister company, Bryter Work, which was created out of AWA Global, co-founded with Gemma Honour and continues our mission of ‘Making working life better’.

It’s a coaching-focused consultancy, that builds an organisation’s confidence and capability both in making change and how to measure that change. Bryter Work does this by creating inclusive cultures where innovation and high performance thrive through value-driven, highly-targeted workshop-based solutions.

Invest in yourself with the Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp

The double ICAgile-Certified Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp will grow and inspire you as a coach, equipping you with practical tools and techniques to help coach organisations towards solving the complex business problems that they face. It’s essential and pivotal training for coaches wishing to up-level and bring value to their business quickly.

What is the Enterprise Change Pattern?

Find out exactly what the Enterprise Change Pattern is and why this approach is quickly replacing more prescriptive frameworks as the most effective way to make a difference in our organisations.

We offer training on how to use the AWA Enterprise Change Pattern to rapidly transform an organisation to achieve its goals, plus expert help implementing the Enterprise Change Pattern in your organisation. Find out more.

Adventures with agile

Learning with AWA is different

With our rapid, on-the-job program…


…we help you optimise the transfer of learning into your workplace AND improve your ways of working capabilities in the process.

Our ways of working solutions enable deep learning and mastery by accelerating competency, confidence, and expertise, while building the internal capabilities your organisation needs to achieve in 2023.

Book your Keynote Speaker

Enquire about booking an AWA Global Keynote speaker for your conference or event.
Speakers can talk on subjects such as How can Enterprise Agile Coaching help us solve problems with climate change, public health, and the economy? and How visual facilitation & templates can help teams communicate, create and problem-solve better.
We can also create a stunning, branded visual asset from your event or conference.

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AWA is at the forefront of Enterprise Agility. We run the world’s first and largest community of practice on large scale organisational change. We have hundreds of videos recorded at AWA events from thought-leaders and presenters from all over the world. Watch them for free on our YouTube channel.

playing with neuroscience webinar intro slides

Playing with Neuroscience: workshops for all
Hosts: Myron Parks & Gemma Honour
Available on demand

ICE-AC Meetup 13.12.22

Agile Team Coach Cohort Taster Session
Hosts: Louria Lindauer & Jessica Katz
Available on demand

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What’s Agile Got To Doodle With It?
Host: Gemma Honour
Available on demand


What is agile?

Over the last few years, the word “agile” has taken on different meanings and has been used in multiple contexts. In this free essential guide, we explore agile, the agile mindset, why agile transformation can be hard for organisations, and how agile coaching helps people move to agile ways of working.

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Adventures with agile


Now available on Amazon

Change is for people who want their organisation to thrive in the face of change but don’t yet know how to do it. It is for enterprise and agile coaches, scrum masters, leaders and their coaches, department heads, HR staff, and any change agents who are fed up with battling for change and instead want to find a collaborative and meaningful approach to create better organisations. This book shows you how.


How to be an expert in agile coaching

In this exclusive eBook from Adventures with Agile, we share the six things you need to embark on this transformative journey and the key qualities every agile coach must-have. Download this exclusive eBook today to discover whether you are ready and get clarity on your next steps.

Adventures with agile

I'm new to agile coaching what is the right next step for me?

Our most popular course for new agile coaches is the “Agile Team Coach” (ICP-ACC) and would be our recommended next step for you. It will dramatically improve the way you coach and mentor agile teams and is fully accredited by ICAgile too.

I'm designing a learning and development program to grow our capability can you help?

Yes we can! Our passion is in helping our clients build internal capabilities that help their organisation thrive long into the future.