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In a world that never stands still, business agility isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. At AWA, we champion a people-first, systemic approach. Think of us as your co-pilots, guiding you through the twists and turns of today’s business world to keep you ahead of the curve.

Ready to refine your skills as a change agent? Or do your teams need to elevate their capabilities? We’re here to support both individuals and organisations on their journey to success. With us at your side, you’re not just keeping pace; you’re charting the course ahead.

Untapped brilliance awaits.
Let us show you the way.

With AWA’s guidance, you and your team will discover innovative solutions and strategic agility, creating products and services that truly connect with your audience and set you apart in the marketplace.
We work with you to map a simpler path to success, through humility and care.
And our training unlocks innovation through collaboration, not division.
Upcoming public courses
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Agile Team Facilitator

1 – 4 July

ATC square ICP-ACC

Agile Team Coaching

17 – 21 June

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Enterprise Agile Coach Expert Cohort

September 2024

How we can support you

Product and Innovation

Products that make lives better

Change in Business

Change through compassion

Transformational Training

Grow yourself to grow others
Inspirational community events

Leadership Lives

26th June (online)

My Role is Changing. Who Am I?

My role is changing.
Who am I?

5th June (online)

Boost Backlog Refinement through the Power of Collaborative Storytelling - visual techniques to align and motivate your team

Collaborative Storytelling to Boost Backlog Refinement


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Let’s create products that make lives better

Ignite the SPARK with our comprehensive end-to-end product accelerator.

Take your product capability to the next level by sharpening strategy, amplifying feedback, and enhancing delivery.

The result?

Teams engaged and passionate about creating products that captivate and delight your customers.

Together we can foster change through compassion

Change is complex and can feel difficult to manage. Organisations face common hurdles that can stall progress on the road to a brighter future.

Let us act as your map and compass on this transformative journey. We’ll guide you through culture shifts, digital transformations, and beyond. With AWA Global, change is not a storm to weather but a strategy to embrace.

AWA Global

World-class training for leaders, change agents & teams

Learning with AWA is a transformative experience, reshaping both your inner self and your practical skills through our unique learning approach. Whether you’re a coach, leader, or practitioner, our extensive range of hands-on training programs boosts your confidence, shifts your perspective, and empower you to make real change in the workplace.

We champion human potential with empathy

The result?

Organisations, leaders and innovators who energetically and collaboratively transform from the inside out – equipped to unlock their fullest collective potential.
A people-powered capability for continuous improvement.

Let our warmth and wisdom accelerate your future.
The heart of change beats strongly here.

We have supported 10000s of people like you

We have helped 10000s of individuals, teams and leaders like you develop the skills and self mastery they need to shape workplaces that are alive with potential. Whatever your challenge, we’re here to help you fulfill your potential