October 24, 2014

Adventures with Agile Event – SAFE – Inbar Oren

SAFE – Inbar Oren

Last night, Adventures with Agile held the first meet up event near Euston Square in London. The venue was perfect with a great big screen and plenty of space for everyone. The teas, coffees and biscuits all arrived on time.

Lindley, from Greenscreen and I were the first to arrive and I was amazed at his professional set up for filming. He had a set of cameras and sound mics for us to wear.

Inbar soon arrived and was the absolute professional with a very smooth set up.

Soon everyone arrived and we had a full house with almost every seat taken. Thank you everyone for coming!

Inbar gave his talk and covered SAFE at a high level. Which is amazing considering the depth and complexity of SAFE.

SAFE - The big picture


Afterwards, we had some really in depth questions all focused around the portfolio level. It was very obvious this group are a long way along the Agile journey with (in some cases) decades of experience. The resulting discussion was very high quality and I learnt a lot.

Afterwards, a few of us went to the pub over the road to carry on talking. I got home around 1am!

A great night. I am looking forward to the next one on the 25th November with John Coleman (who also has decades of experience).

See you all there

Note: I will upload the video once it has been prepared.

UPDATE: This has been updated. You can find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYBFLPkCgAotEv1orplVVJw/


Simon Powers
Simon Powers is an Agile Coach specialising in large scale transformations and agile adoption. He has a background in very large enterprise architecture which has led on to organisational design and agile process refinement. Simon is the founder of Adventures with Agile.