January 7, 2015

Adventures with Enterprise Agile

Thank you to everyone who cast an opinion in our community name change poll. The question was:

Should this group be renamed to Adventures with Enterprise Agile?

The reason for the question is that we wanted to make sure the name reflected the focus and vision of the group.

Our vision:

To significantly contribute to the long term adoption of Agile and Lean as a source of values and process in large organisations and society as a whole.

Our focus:

Anything and everything that works to cultivate an Agile Mind-set in order to make multi-team and organisational Agile successful.

Focusing on frameworks such as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Kanban and then drilling into supporting frameworks, tools and methodologies such as Lean, Scrum, XP, Systems Thinking, Flow, Theory of Constraints and Real Options.

Our values:

Honesty, Transparency, Respect, Reliability, Flexibility, Trust

Results of the poll

23 people voted with 18 votes voting YES we should change the name and 5 voting NO.


I have now changed the name of the meetup group but I have kept the URL for now.

Simon Powers

Simon Powers is an Agile Coach specialising in large scale transformations and agile adoption. He has a background in very large enterprise architecture which has led on to organisational design and agile process refinement. Simon is the founder of Adventures with Agile.