NYC’s First Dedicated LeSS Talk – Meetup Review

A barrage of great questions made this session a long non-stop engaging dialogue.  As annual performance appraisal “specialists” say (I am being very sarcastic now), the intensity of today’s discussion “EXCEEDED my expectations”, so maybe someone will give me a bonus. Please post questions or initiate discussions below.

The collaboration system Nureva that I used in place of a slide deck was really helpful.  My personal retrospective: If I had just fewer slides on the wall, I could’ve made my presentation even more interactive.  So, for me, another lesson learned: LeSS is more.  And I promise to do it next time.  The next LeSS discussion will be a deep dive into one of LeSS topics.




Gene is an Agile practice leader and systems thinker. Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Large Scale Scrum Practitioner. Coach, trainer, mentor, challenger of archaic beliefs and norms.

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