AWA Update [April]


Liz Keogh kicked off April with a talk on Cynefin – the sense making framework – called “Safe-to-Fail”. As always Liz didn’t disappoint, with her relaxed and engaging presentation style making it easy learning about this amazing topic.

Practical Program & Portfolio Prioritization with Cost of Delay & WSJF

Agil8 invited us to partner with them in organising a meetup with Mark Richards, who was in London to deliver SAFe training. Over the course of a few hours, Mark facilitated an incredible session of learning new ideas and playing the latest iteration of the SAFe City game– which you can download here. Slides from the meetup are here.


Ball Runner

Fellow Scrum Master Lloyd Jones – presented his high paced game Ball Runner at M&S Digital. Each team were tasked to move balls from box 1 to 5. We each at 3 rounds in which to improve during which we learned about retros, self-organization and team work. Download the rules to Ball Runner here.


Want a Sustainable Agile Transformation?

The wonderful – Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd – were in town delivering their sold out Coaching Agile Teams course with AWA. Fortunately, for those unable to attend the course, Lyssa and Michael presented an “interesting, motivating and inspiring” talk at our meetup hosted by IBM Interactive. Download the slideswhite paper.


Coming Up

  • The Ten Minute Trainer! Teaching a Lot in a Little Time: Very excited to be hosting this meetup with Sharon Bowman. RSVP here
  • Testing Faster with Dan North – Learn to do agile development well & explore the principles and practices of agile testing. You will learn methods that are suitable both for a traditional test organisation and for cross-functional delivery teams. The class will be facilitated by Dan North – the man Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD). This is a great opportunity to understand the art of testing in agile environments. Book your place and get 15% off.
  • Software, Faster: From months to Minutes with Dan North – The agile techniques you are probably using are over 20 years old and have hardly changed. This course will teach you the methods that today’s high performing teams use. The class will be facilitated by the originator of Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) and Deliberate Discovery, Dan North. Book your place and get 15% off.
  • June’s Game – Inception – More info coming soon
  • Lean Product Development Flow with Don Reinertsen – Learn the secrets behind successful agile transformations on this 2-day workshop with lean product development expert Don Reinertsen. Register here.
  • Certified LeSS Practitioner with Craig Larman – Learn how to scale scrum with LeSS co-creator & tap into his huge knowledge and experience in making Agile work in large multi-site organisations. Register here.
  • Enterprise Services Planning Programme with David Anderson – Learn how to extend Kanban to all professional services in an organisation with the pioneer of Kanban – David Anderson. Register here.
I work at AWA HQ looking after day-to-day operations, speaking with people, organising events and training, and thinking of the next cool thing we can do. Outside of work I’m probably in one of 3 places – at CrossFit, on the mat practising yoga, or out in the countryside with my family.