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At last month’s meetup with Lyssa Adkin and Michael Spayd we learnt about their “Coaching Competency Framework” that gives us a window in which to view every aspect of an organisation’s agile coaching capability.

At Adventures with Agile, we’re working on a curriculum based on the framework that spans the entire spectrum of learning that Agile Coaches need to be effective. We’re not only focusing on training but as a true community of practice we also organise 3 different free meetup streams each month. More courses will be added as they become available to provide the right training in each part of the framework.

If you want to learn more about the curriculum or what events and training we’re offering right now, then check out our website here. 



Technical Mastery: Training with BDD originator – Dan North [2nd – 3rd / 5th -6th June]

Ideal for testers, analysts, delivery managers, devops, test managers, scrum masters, agile coaches and developers who want to get delivery working smoothly, reduce unplanned work and bugs.

Have you reached the limits of software development and want to learn the methods of today’s high performing teams? Or do you need to learn when to test more and when to automate? If yes, then attend training with Dan North this June.

“Testing, Faster” is for anyone working with/in an agile team and will teach you how to do agile development well. You will learn how testing, BDD and automation. view course

“Software, Faster” will teach you how to ship world-class software at a fraction of the time of other teams, consistently (and have fun while doing it). view course

These two courses can be taken together or independently, providing a great opportunity to understand the art of testing and quality in agile environments.

Learn more about Dan North here.



Business Mastery: Training with the “Maths Behind Agile” – Don Reinertsen [29th – 30th June] 

This is a ‘must’ for anyone involved in product decisions, PMO, capacity management, as well as those who advise in any form on agile and organisational design.

If you want to learn how to develop a framework unique to your organisation or explain why agile/lean works from a mathematical/financial point of view, then this is the course to attend.

Led by the father of Lean Product Development, Don Reinertsen – this advanced course will teach you the impact of flow, batch size, prioritisation, capacity planning, waste, and queues. You finish the course with a thorough understanding of the key factors that affect organisational success in product delivery. view course

Learn more about Don Reinertsen here and watch last year’s meetup here.



Agile / Lean Practitioner: Training with the Pioneer of Kanban – David Anderson [22nd – 28th July ] 

This is extremely valuable for anyone who wants to really understand why Kanban exists. Ideal for Enterprise Agile Coaches, PMO, Managers, Project Managers, and anyone responsible for improving flow of work across more than a few teams.

Are you working for a large organisation that uses Kanban? Do you want to scale its use across your organisation to master the highly challenging environment of professional services work?

If yes, then join David Anderson – the pioneer of Kanban – on the “Enterprise Services Planning” workshop this July. Enterprise Services Planning is a management system for professional services working; that encourages improved service delivery and better customer satisfaction.

You will cover Kanban system and upstream Kanban, project and capacity planning and portfolio management, including the cost of delay, scheduling and dependencies. Attend this course to reach a new level of coordination and agility to enable rapid response to changing market conditions. view course



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Simon Powers is the founder of AWA, the global community of practice for agile and organizational change.  Over the 10 years, Simon has worked in organizations moving towards agile ways of working, his approach has led him to create a series of ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching training courses, which have received high praise from both the communities in London and worldwide.