The new way of managing knowledge work

Have you ever wondered, how to be more innovative in your company and create teams that naturally gel? How to handle key management topics – such as motivating, delegating, promoting and goal setting – in this critical phase of your business? How to lead and manage the system in a lean agile workplace?

In today’s fast-moving, complex world, management is too important to leave it only to the managers. If we do that, we restrict the innate creativity in our organisation by making our managers information bottlenecks.

Management 3.0 believes management is not only the manager’s responsibility. Instead, it’s everyone’s job. We need to be developing the leadership skills of the workforce, to support our pursuit in “growing and transforming organisations that are great places to work for, where people are engaged, and the work is improved.”

Through interactive group exercises around topics or management and team working the Management 3.0 leadership workshop will introduce the principles of agile leadership in networked, creative organisations. By joining this workshop, team members, mid-managers, executives, agile coaches and changemakers can all build these essential skills to take action to improve company culture and generate the teamwork necessary to strive.

Attend the Management 3.0 workshop:

This workshop is running in London with Management 3.0 trainer Andrea Darabos on the 4th and 5th November (Friday and Saturday)

If you want to attend this workshop please use discount code AWA & get 5% off the ticket price 



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