I’m Speaking at this Year’s Agile Boston

On November 22, in Boston, I (Gene Gendel) will proudly take a stand next to the co-signer of Agile Manifesto and co-creator of Scrum – Jeff Sutherland (of Scrum Inc) and the Product Owner of Scrum.org – David West, to “Give Thanks For Scrum – 2016”.

This year’s theme is:  Scrum – A Foundational Element of Major Agile Scaling Frameworks.  

During the event, we will actively engage with attendees, special guests and regional experts to discuss how Scrum is used in Agile scaling frameworks, such as LeSS, Scrum @ Scale, Nexus, SAFe.

At this event, some regional executives will present how successfully their organizations have scaled Scrum and what lessons they have learned during their journey.

For more info check out the website here.



Gene is an Agile practice leader and systems thinker. Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Large Scale Scrum Practitioner. Coach, trainer, mentor, challenger of archaic beliefs and norms.