What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience, also known as Neural Science, is the study of how the nervous system develops, its structure, and what it does.

Neuroscientists focus on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions… They study the cellular, functional, evolutionary, computational, molecular, cellular and medical aspects of the nervous system.

Department of Neuroscience, Georgetown University

Neuroscience is fast becoming a hot topic in the Agile world. It is a very exciting and potentially extremely powerful discipline if harnessed and understood correctly. As Agile coaches we are agents of change, we help people in their journey of learning, growing and changing their behaviours. This journey often involves stress, and gaining an understanding of what is happening neurologically for the people we work with will help us take our skills to a whole new level.

This webinar with Amy Brann, author of Neuroscience for Coaches book,  is an introduction to what Neuroscience is, debunks common neurobabble and explores what is happening in the brain when people are going through change. This is an opportunity to get advice and learn from an expert in her field.

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