October 4, 2017

History of Organisational Change – Podcast

History of Organisational Change – Podcast

In this episode, Tim and Simon talk about the history and patterns of organisational change, the role that agile plays, and why the way we think about our own identity changes over time and is changing now.

The context of this conversation stems from a module in our 3 day Enterprise Agility Masterclass. The module looks at the fundamental shifts that have taken place within society and organisations over the last 500 years.

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This course will teach you how to navigate the difficult parts in agile transformation, which of course are people and their behaviours. Together we will cover both people and process challenges while looking at real world case studies and examples on how to really make agile transformation work. see all dates and locations here.


“This training is the top of the jigsaw puzzle that you didn’t realise you needed in order to understand the wider picture. “¬†– Sarah Toogood – Scrum Master


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