Save up to £800 with the Leading for Change Training Pass

Our Leading for Change training pass is designed for coaches, managers and consultants responsible for helping their organization move to agile ways of working. It combines our three most advanced courses, Enterprise Agility Masterclass, Coaching for Enterprise Agility and Certified Agile Leadership courses at a special price of only £3900 +VAT (RRP £4700).




Enterprise Agility Masterclass with Simon Powers

Organizational Design with Agile in Mind Attend this class to gain the skills and insights of agility at the enterprise level from culture, leadership, structural and process perspectives. We cover advanced topics including systems thinking, professional coaching, organisational design, leadership, process improvement, and governance. Following completion of the assessment and course you will be eligible for the ICAgile Certified Professional-Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT) Certification, the only course in the UK to offer this training. Learn more and see dates


Coaching for Enterprise Agility with Simon Powers

Co-creating change with large groups We know that purely top-down approaches cause resistance and fail. What we need is active participation and self-organization in solving real business problems. To include everyone, we need facilitation techniques that allow everyone involved in the structure or process, to participate in its co-creation. Our Coaching for Enterprise Agility modules will teach you how to co-create change with large groups of people. You will gain the skills and understanding of how to generate alignment, innovation, and clear direction forwards in large groups with diverse opinions, identify and overcome resistance systemically. This advanced course is offered for the ICAgile-Certified Professional Coaching Agile Transitions certification,t he only class in the UK to offer this accreditation. Learn more and see dates


Certified Agile Leadership with Michael Sahota


Overcome top 90% of challenges with Agile Transformation During this 3 day immersive course with Michael Sahota, you will undergo a process of letting go of existing behaviours that are blocking your ability to be an effective leader. You will explore models of culture and receive a playbook to guide the next steps of your journey of creating high performance organizations. We shift your consciousness so you become aware of the root challenges and are able to discover lasting solutions. As part of the tuition, you will receive the Certified Agile Leader 1 (CAL1) certification from the Scrum Alliance. Learn more and see dates




  • organizational design for agile ways of working
  • use the Agile Mindset to create successful Agile Transformation
  • different change strategies that suit different organizational contexts, needs and readiness
  • models and techniques to help people understand what change means to them
  • how to establish an effective agile coaching relationship with an organisation so you can create positive mutual trusting relationships
  • how to organise and facilitate large group meetings at the exec level
  • evolving culture at all levels of the organization
  • identifying causes of resistance and eliminating them
  • enhanced personal leadership skills
  • understand and recognize what actual problems block success
  • how organisational structure impacts agile ways of working
  • an integrated view of culture, leadership, and organization change to unlock high-performance
  • why departments outside of IT have an impact and how you solve this
  • how to work with executive teams, how to coach and advise, and understand leadership development
  • how to design a system that supports high-performance, customer focus, facilitates agility and reduces waste
  • how to move away from silo structures to more dynamic team structures



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