Neuroscience: The Secret To Becoming A Better Agile Coach

Feb- 14, 2018 2pm GMT #SQAWebinars

AWA Coach – Philiy Lander will be taking part in a EuroStar Testing & Huddle Webinar this month. The topic is Neuroscience, an area of coaching that’s close to Philiy’s heart since it underpins everything we do as coaches.

Join this webinar with Philiy to learn:

  1. models that you can apply to yourself and your teams
  2. how to harness the brain to work more effectively with your teams

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I work at AWA HQ looking after day-to-day operations, speaking with people, organising events and training, and thinking up the next cool thing we can do. Outside of work I’m probably in one of 3 places – at F45, on the mat practising yoga, or out in the countryside with my husband walking our whippet, Luna.