Become a Certified LeSS Practitioner with Craig Larman in London & Toronto this Summer

We’re fortunate and proud to host two Certified LeSS Practitioner trainings given by Craig Larman in London, UK this June and Toronto, CA this July. To day we have run 16 different time we have organised these trainings since the very first LeSS course ran in London back in 2015.

Recap: What is LeSS?

Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) gives us the ability to scale Scrum, remove organisational impediments and provide solutions and options that are not found elsewhere to common and not-so-common problems. For large groups, LeSS hits the sweet spot between defined concrete elements and empirical process control. For this reason:

LeSS needs to be simple. When scaling, there is a tendency to add roles, artefacts, processes, etc. This should be avoided so that a process can empirically be created by the product group. Most other scaling frameworks fall into the trap of providing a detailed defined process with many prescribed methods. In LeSS we want to avoid that trap and keep LeSS minimal and simple.

Large-Scale Scrum is truly Scrum scaledRather than having Scrum simply as a lower-level building block for a different scaled framework that is inconsistent with Scrum at higher levels, we need to look at Scrum and for each element ask “Why is it there?” followed by “If we have more than one team, how can we achieve the same purpose on a larger scale, and remain consistent with Scrum principles all the way up?”

By attending this course with Craig Larman, you will not only learn LeSS from its co-creator but also have access to his huge knowledge, be able to join in on discussions and Q & A, and network with other very experienced Agile attendees.

Places are limited to 30. There are limited places left on both dates (which we expect to go very quickly), so please book now to avoid disappointment.

Course Takeaways?

See ‘the whole’/full picture of organizational ecosystem and learn to appreciate why Organizational Design is the first-order Variable that defines System Dynamics.

Learn how to use causal loop diagrams to solve organizational puzzles, to many agile coaches and practitioners these puzzles may sound painfully familiar for example:

  • “We don’t have time for creating clean code, because we are too busy building features and fighting fires caused by our existing code.”
  • “We have one product and many teams; each team has their own product backlog prioritized by their own product owner. Because this is more “efficient” and “productive”.
  • “We are scaling agile. Therefore we need “agile” portfolio management”, etc.

LeSS is not presented as a magic wand or a universal tool or methodology that will miraculously solve all scaling problems.  Instead, LeSS is presented as an organizational descaling mechanism that helps exposing organizational challenges and dysfunctions, while putting organizations and their leaders back in charge of fixing them.

LeSS in the Real World

The Autonomous Driving campus at BMW product development is based on LeSS and helps them to deal with the complexity and challenges they face. Every team works end-to-end on actual use case, enabling easier communications, great transparency and shorter decision paths. The opening of the autonomous driving campus is another important step in the transformation of the BMW group into a tech company.


Watch this video to learn more about LeSS at BMW

Visit the LeSS website to find out more – including case studies about various companies adopting LeSS (Ericsson, JP Morgan, and more).

LeSS Supported by the Scrum Alliance

Earlier this year Scrum Alliance announced that it was  adding training courses related to the LeSS framework to its portfolio to support widespread adoption of Large-Scale Scrum< (LeSS) with interim CEO saying that “we hope to expand opportunities to influence the world of work by engaging senior management levels and engaging with organizational design, which are both central to scaling with the simplicity and principles of Scrum.”


The Course Content

You will be introduced to — and practice — Systems Thinking with Causal Loop Modelling. We also explore adoption, new organizational design, systems thinking & optimization, the role of management, and concretely how to work together in a Sprint at scale in terms of coordination, architecture, planning, and more. Critically, we explore the Big Idea of more with LeSSsimplifying & descaling over “scaling”, or… scaling product development by descaling the organization. For more information and detail see the course page here.

Who Attends? 

A typical class will see a mixture of different people and backgrounds including product owners/managers, software developers, managers, organizational design consultants and scrum masters, coaches and trainers – all of whom have one thing in common – their desire to learn about principles of organizational design and implications of Scrum adoption at scale in complex organizational settings.

Next Class Dates with Craig Larman

The next Certified LeSS courses we are running with Craig are:

Please book now to avoid disappointment.
The last courses we ran in London and New York sold out within a few months.

Feedback from previous courses

“It was inspiring to discuss Large-Scale Scrum with Craig Larman. The content of the course was top-notch.” – Steve Alexander

“The delivery was outstanding and the supporting material vast and detailed.” – Simone Zecchi

“The best course I have ever been on. Totally blown away.” – Simon Powers


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