Embark on your Agile Journey with Adventures with Agile

We’re happy to announce that we are now accredited by ICAgile to run our Agile Fundamentals course for their ICAgile-Certified Professional certification, the gateway certificate to all other ICAgile tracks and expert designations.

This two-day class is an interactive and immersive learning experience using Training from the BACK of the Room accelerated learning techniques to explore the agile mindset and what is needed to be successful working in an agile way. Adventures with Agile have designed the class and taught by our experienced, certified trainers.

This course is for anyone who is wanting to learn about working in an agile way, including project managers, product managers, HR / Production / Commercial / Marketing Manager, Managers, or for people wanting to get the ICAgile Certified Professional Certification. Through a series of practical and theory led workshops you will be taken on an immersive learning experience, covering key concepts such as the agile mindset, adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement.

The Learning

Some of the topics we will cover include:

History –  explore the history of agile, where we are now, and we got here. We look at the agile manifesto, discuss its meaning in the workplace, including using agile outside of IT.

Mindset – explore the culture and environment needed for agile ways of working to be successful, and why how we behave is important especially when faced with high pressured situations.

Practices – discuss the different frameworks and tools that exist under the agile umbrella, like XP, Scrum, and Kanban. We’ll look at their shared values and discuss practices like estimation, planning, reporting, and metrics. We’ll look at the roles and responsibilities and gain clarity around the shifts expected for people in those roles.

Product & Customer – through workshops and games experience the benefits of reducing batch size, creating a product vision, and how you can use techniques like impact mapping to the build the right thing and improve the value of what you deliver. You will learn how to successfully engage your stakeholders and customers during and throughout product delivery.

Team Building and Development – learn how to build the right foundations for high-performing teams by encouraging communication and developing shared understanding. You will come away with communication, facilitation and collaboration skills for maximizing team success, which you can put into practice once you get back to the office.

plus much more!

Join a public class or book a private workshop

If you, a colleague or somebody you know is wanting to take the first step in their agile learning journey or are wishing to gain the ICAgile Certified Professional certification, then take a look at our Agile Fundamentals course page for more details. We’ll be running public classes in London with more cities to be announced soon, like our CSM and CSPO courses we offer self-payers to take this class for only £600*. If you would prefer a private onsite class, we can arrange this for you too.

Save with “Agile Activate” Training Pass

We also offer a special training pass called “Agile Activate” which includes this course and the Certified Scrum Master for only £1300* (RRP £1890)

*all prices ex vat and booking fees. 


fantastic, excited to take all the ideas back to the office to improve how we work – Brendan Cain – Team Lead