Agile Coaching & the Business Benefits Webinar


Join us: 10th December 2018 at 13:00 GMT for a Webinar on Agile Coaching & the Business Benefits. Sign-up available through this link:

Agile Coaching can be a valuable role for teams and organisations moving to agile ways of working but sometimes the benefits aren’t clearly understood by the business. In our “What is Agile Coaching?” webinar, we shared a broad overview into the role of agile coaching. In this session, we will drill down into one of the more misunderstood areas – how Agile Coaching can benefit the business.

During this 40-minute session, our webinar hosts Georg Fasching and Rafa Ribiero will explore and answer some of the frequent questions we hear in our Agile Team Coach class like “What is the ROI of an Agile Coach?”. We’ll look at common topics like why Agile Coaches can be a great investment, how you can demonstrate the value of agile coaching, and how to build the business case for bringing agile coaches into your organisation. As well as tackling some of these common questions, you will also have the opportunity to practice what we have learned and hear about Georg and Rafa’s experiences concerning this topic. You will also get to hear about our Agile Team Coach class that runs in Lisbon, London, and NYC.



Some of the outcomes could include:

  • The ROI of an Agile Coach
  • Understanding your business goals
  • Real examples
  • Actionable takeaways
  • A chance to practice



  • Scrum Masters
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Agile Practitioners
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about agile coaching.


To take part, use this link to sign-up.


Over the past 18 years, Georg has developed a passion and proficiency in Digital Product Development while working predominantly in the banking and engineering spaces. His experience transitioned to Agile in 2010. Having practiced as Product Owner and also as Scrum Master provides him an intriguing blend of complementing perspectives. Georg now improves the flow and happiness for people, and products, through coaching and training.


Rafa is a Certified Transformational Coach, helping individuals discover who they want to be and assisting on what they want to achieve. He is also a Certified Enterprise Agile Coach, currently working for Adidas. He loves surfing, photography, his family and creativity!