Leading for Change: bespoke training pass

At Adventures with Agile, we offer you the opportunity to craft your own Training Passes. These allow you to save both time and money by creating custom-built, high-impact training pathways from our full range of agile training courses. By purchasing together, you can also make the most of our popular classes at a special discounted rate. In our training course pack, we have created some suggested custom passes. You can download the pack and find out more info here, but remember, if you don’t see one that suits your needs, feel free to contact us so we can help you develop exactly what you need to suit your requirements.

In this article I’m going to showcase the Leading for Change training pass as an example of the bespoke, cost-effective pathways you can utilise and create.


Leading for Change

Leading for Change includes three courses designed to give you the expertise, skill-kit & techniques to overcome your enterprise agility challenges and learn what it takes to build truly outstanding organisations.

Certified Agile Leadership

During the Certified Agile Leadership class you will undergo a process of letting go of existing behaviours that block the ability to be an effective leader. Plus you will gain the knowledge to overcome key agile challenges like:

  • Agile Mindset Challenged or Lacking
  • Create the context for a High Performance Organization
  • Organizational Culture
  • Lots of “Doing Agile”, not “Being Agile”

This is run by Michael Sahota, the number 1 trainer of the Certified Agile Leadership training worldwide, having taught over half of its graduates.

“Insightful, Challenging, Informative. I learned about the importance of wholeness, safety and trust in an organization… gave opportunity to reflect.” – CTO

Enterprise Agility Masterclass

Our Enterprise Agility Masterclass (ICP-ENT) allows you to learn what changes your organisation needs to go through in order to be sustainable and successful, how to design processes with agile in mind as well as how marketing, sales, finance should be engaged for business agility. You will also gain skills, tools and techniques to overcome common dysfunctions like handoffs and waste and how to design a system that supports high-performance, customer focus, and facilitates agility. This is the UK’s only course accredited by ICAgile for the advanced Agility in the Enterprise certification.

“This course was both inspirational and informative, providing powerful techniques to facilitate change.” – Change Lead

Coaching for Enterprise Agility

On our Coaching for Enterprise Agility (ICP-CAT) course you will learn the skills and understanding of how to generate alignment, innovation, and clear direction forwards in large groups with diverse opinions, identify and overcome resistance systemically. As well as gaining new tools and techniques for large group coaching in the context of enterprise-wide change. This is the UK’s only course accredited by ICAgile for the advanced Coaching Agile Transitions certification.

“Outstanding course that opened my eyes to new models, ways of delivering value as an enterprise coach and using large scale facilitation”. – Enterprise Agile Coach

Enjoy the most competitive rates out there!

And on top of all these great benefits, the savings you can make are significant! With the Leading for Change pass you can save £1040; getting all three courses for just £3960 (RRP £5000).

Enjoy the flexibility and reduced cost of paying set courses in advance, and then taking them anytime during the year as, and when, they are required. Follow this link to find out more info and download the training course pack.