Mind the Gap

In the last article talking about our popular Agile Team Coach course, we looked at the feedback from our delegates telling us the huge impact the training has had on the way they work.

Genuinely transformative on every possible level. Be sure to learn a lot from the trainers, the group and yourself. Worth every penny.” – Michaela Broeckx, Agile Coach

Now this article comes as a bit of a warning not to miss out on our Agile Team Coach training. Our next class is 20th – 22nd February but then you’ll have to wait till April for the next of this first-rate training. Make sure to book up this highly sought after ICAgile-Certified coaching course before having to wait a couple months to take your professional coaching skills to the next level. Follow this link for registration.

Absolutely brilliant course – it should be made mandatory for all people/project/agile managers. Inspiring, empowering, educational.” – Rozalia Jaki, Executive Producer

  • Gain fundamental professional coaching skills and insights, like what powerful questions are and how to use them effectively and one of the important tools for team and personal growth – giving and receiving feedback.
  • How to create a psychologically safe environment for your teams by looking at how to set up the team environment and help the team to know themselves and create a shared culture and vision.
  • How to coach toward high-performance and gain effective skills in encouraging team collaboration and trust and how to resolve conflicts.

Excellent training that has completely opened my eyes to what it really is to be an Agile coach.” – Niamh Woodcock, Agile Coach

If you want to experience this career-transforming training, then please do book fast by clicking here, as there are limited places remaining. We wouldn’t want you to have to wait till April!