In Conversation with Michael Hamman & Simon Powers

Following our thought-provoking meetup with Agile Leadership Institute co-founder Michael Hamman we have invited Michael to join AWA Founder, Simon Powers, to further explore some of the topics raised during his fascinating talk.

During this 45 minute conversation, Michael and Simon will explore why we need agile leaders everywhere – from team leads, to scrum masters, to enterprise coaches – not only at the top, and what we mean when we talking about “growing an agile leadership culture from the Inside Out.”

We will also explore what it means for leaders–regardless of their position on the organisation–to shift from a “predict and plan” to a “sense and respond” to leadership mindset, and, finally, what it is about the creating of shared meaning within a group of people is so critical to the growing of a sustaining organisational agility.


We invite all members of the community to take part – those who have attended our previous trainings, like the ICAgile Agile Coaching or Enterprise Agile Coaching classes will particularly benefit. Especially if you are thinking…. “what’s next?”

Date: 4th March 2019
Time: 13:30 – 14:45 (GMT)
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  • Have an awareness of how the practices and thinking of evolvagility are explicitly designed to grow an agile leadership culture, as we’re defining it
  • Learn about the anatomy of mindset, including what the science tells us about cognitive “plasticity” and why it is truly the next wave for the future of agility
  • Increase awareness for yourself around your own leadership, and of the leadership culture around you
  • Learn at least one thing that you didn’t know and have one action you will take to further that learning


As with all our webinars, this is a free to attend online event. Please use this link to sign up.