The Times – Enterprise Agility Report 2019

Adventures with Agile is delighted to bring you the “Enterprise Agility Report 2019.” This report is the latest in-depth look at pivotal topics concerning the state of agile transformation and innovation today.

Published in The Times on the 23rd September, this 20-page special report is a must have for any business leader wanting to understand how their organisations can continue to meet today’s challenges – and prepare for tomorrow’s.


  • An independent, journalistic take on the current state of enterprise agility and the role leadership plays.
  • A candid look at spotting “Fake Agile” and what companies can do to embrace and achieve true agility.
  • An overview of the relationship between agile and traditional partnerships like outsourcing.
  • A detailed review of why agile transformations fail, and what you can do to avoid resistance and make your program succeed, featuring commentary from AWA’s chief exec and founder, Simon Powers.

Download your free copy here.

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