The real shift in an organisation’s ability to respond to market demands in an agile way starts with its leaders. However the type of leadership that is needed today is very different to what was needed in the past. The main difference being that the traditional approach to leadership development is outdated and isn’t sufficient to create the kind of value required for shaping the future by leaders who are driven by purpose, creativity, curiosity and empathy.

At AWA we give these necessary leadership skills to those people in management positions by transferring our knowledge in organisational design, development and transformation as well as helping them to improve their own emotion-intelligence and self-awareness.

This results in leaders who can support the agile transformation (by knowing their role and responsibilities) as well as having the capacity for empathy and ability to coach and grow others. Once managers have these skills they are then able to embrace the kinds of relationships needed with teams that enable innovative and high-trust cultures.

One of the ways that people can learn these skills is on our new ICAgile Certified “Leading in Agile Environments” course, which we run internally for our clients as well as a public classroom format.


During this transformational two-day leadership course, we look at the global shift to knowledge work, digitalisation and innovation and the current opportunities and challenges this presents to individuals and organisations. We also explore how to develop yourself and others into great leaders that create world-class organisations and how agile leaders create high-trust environments to enable high-performing teams to emerge.


By taking part in this AWA designed and lead training experience you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for agile leadership. We examine how your own personal growth, development, and leadership style can be a catalyst for change resulting in your ability to create better business strategies and relationships. We run this class all over the world for our corporate clients and receives exceptional feedback particularly on the positive impacts it has on how their leadership team now approach relationships, business strategy and vision. Find out more about our private onsite training services or continue reading below to learn about our forthcoming public courses. 


Join us by booking either a private onsite class for your company or join a public course in Europe or USA and get ready to help your company prepare for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Forthcoming Public Classes

We are delighted to announced that Leading in Agile Environments is running in the following cities from March 2020.

9th – 10th March in NYC
in association with Business Agility Education Week

16th -17th March in London
in association with Happy

Places are limited. To secure your seat please visit the course page here.

About the Business Agility Education Week

Business Agility Education Week will be held March 9-10 followed by the Business Agility Conference on March 11-13. Attending the conference is not a requirement for registration for the preceding workshops, though a discount combination package is available for those who attend both. Email for more detail.