I was asked this question just over two years ago as being part of the team who set about defining the competencies for the Expert part of the Enterprise Coaching track for ICAgile, the world’s foremost certification body in all things to do with agility.

We had no idea that it would take nearly two years to answer this question during weekly or fortnightly meetings. To answer this question the team pulled from their extensive knowledge, experience, and the wider community.

We agreed on five areas that are essential for effective Enterprise Coaching. We specifically focused on what it would take to enable organisations to reach the right level of agility for their context and successfully achieve their goals.

These Enterprise Coaching competency categories are:

  1. Developing Self as Leader
  2. Guiding the Change Process
  3. Coaching Range
  4. Developing Leadership
  5. Guiding Organisational Agility

All competencies fit into one or more of these categories.

In my new video below, I explain the five competencies in more detail and how to shortcut years of learning to become an experienced Enterprise Coach.

At AWA, we have poured our experience of Enterprise Coaching into a double ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coach Bootcamp and an ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coach Expert cohort program (ICE-EC), which enables the attendee to pass two ICAgile certifications (upon successful completion of the class and assessment), and to gain the experience and documentation needed to be assessed for the Expert Enterprise Coaching certification. We have written this 8 month program from the ground up to be experienced for the new online world, and we include a four-day in person residential to be attended in 2021 once the lockdowns are over.

The ICE-EC is the highest Enterprise Coaching qualification in the world and requires active engagement with an organisation going through a change program towards Enterprise Agility, and some professional coaching experience.

The Enterprise Bootcamp is hosted by AWA’s most experienced trainers, and cohort program will be hosted, trained, and participants coached, by expert competency founders Simon Powers (CEO and founder of AWA) and Kevin Callahan, and top Enterprise Coach and Trainer Sam Kiani.

If you want to enrol in the ICE-EC expert cohort program but still need to get the the two pre-requisite ICP-ENT and ICP-CAT certifications, then you will need to book your place on one of our forthcoming courses running before the cut off date.

You will need to be quick as there are only four available classes left:

  • 18-22 May (Online class- US time zone) – SOLD OUT!
  • 1-5 June (Online class – UK/EU time zone) – 5 seats left!
  • 3-8 August (In the room class – South Africa only)
  • 17 – 21 August (Online class – UK/EU time zone)
  • 31 August – 5 September (Online class – US time zone)

ICE-EC Cohort Program starts on the 8th September through to May 2021

The last chance to register for the Expert cohort program is either when the competency based certified courses sell out, or mid-August.

To find out more details, and to discuss payment plans and packages, please review:

or call UK +44(0) 203 369 1125 or USA +16468322328.

Simon Powers is the CEO and founder of Adventures with Agile. He has over 20 years’ experience helping very large organisations to thrive in the market and to be better places to work. His approach led him to create our transformative ICAgile Certified Enterprise Agile Coaching training courses, which run worldwide and online. Simon is one of the first ICE-EC experts in the world.