Hello folks!

At the heart of everything we do at AWA is community. Whilst things have been a little quiet on this front over the last year or so due to the pandemic, we are building a roster of exciting events and meetups that we are excited to share with you over the coming months. But first, here is a selection of new events that the AWA faculty are speaking at this month.

Louria Lindauer and Kevin Callahan @ Lean Agile Digital Transformation Learning Network, Chicago 10th May at 18:00 CT
About this talk: What’s next on your agile coaching path?

Agile coaching has exploded over the last few years, which has led to the emergence of two different roles: team coaching and enterprise coaching. As a result, questions like “In what ways are these roles different?” and “How do these roles align and benefit organizations?” have naturally arisen.

Louria and Kevin will speak to these questions from their perspectives as practicing professional coaches. Specifically, together, we will cover the following considerations and how you might create a developmental pathway:

  1. Team coaching is not a “feeder” to enterprise; each is its own competency!
  2. Both rely on professional coaching; get good at it.
  3. Explore how the two approaches are different.


  • Identify whether you want to be an Enterprise Coach or an Team Coach and the benefits of both
  • Explore how the approaches work together to increase effectiveness
  • Inform how you might level up your Team and Enterprise Skills through a developmental pathway
  • Discover next steps on your agile coaching journey

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Simon Powers @ Agile Summit 2022 13th May 14:45 BST
About this talk: Thinking in circles: systems coaching

Seeing the world with new eyes changes the world. Systems coaching based upon Systems Thinking is a very powerful toolkit for any change agent. Revealing the hidden elephants in the organisation is to uncover the real reasons why change is so hard and how to make it much easier. In this talk, Simon Powers will uncover the basics of Systems, Systems Thinking and Coaching, so that you can grow your capabilities as a successful leader and coach.

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Simon Powers @ Agile Bath and Bristol Meetup 17th May 18:00 BST
About this talk: Systems thinking and coaching

As Change Agents, we are employed to help others adapt to their changing environment so that they can thrive in their context. So why then, is there so much resistance change?

“It is rare that we are asked to do the thing that really needs doing” – AWA Coach.

If the leaders knew what needed to be done, they would not need us. It is the very things that are not said that lock the status quo. It is uncovering the elephants in the room in a way that empowers everyone to move forwards that enables change. Having courage and safety is the foundation of the journey, and having the vocabulary and skills needed to have the conversation is the visible house of success.

In this talk, Simon Powers shares some of the tools he uses in our new Systems Coaching and Thinking Course running this Summer. These tools will help you to have workshops to uncover the real problems that need solving.

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So there you have it! Three different events in which to learn more about agile coaching, enterprise coaching, and systems coaching! More AWA community meetups and events from around the world will be coming your way very soon, so watch this space!

I work at AWA HQ looking after day-to-day operations, speaking with people, organising events and training, and thinking up the next cool thing we can do. Outside of work I’m having fun with my family, usually walking our whippet, Luna or playing games with our daughter, Scarlett.