Agile Coaching Exchange with John Coleman – 24-9-2014

I went to the Meetup held by the Agile Coaching Exchange this evening in Mornington Crescent in London. It was hosted by ASOS and presented by John Coleman. His talk was cunningly called Discuss Agile as Change – A Novel Approach.

John has 25 years in IT and 10 years of experience scaling Agile at senior levels as a coach and transition facilitator. The discussion took us through John’s experience using aspects of different methodologies and covered areas such as:

  • the rogue agile champion
  • managing stakeholders who just want to save money
  • dealing with a workforce that wants to be told what to do

John obviously has a huge wealth of experience. He has combined different elements of the frameworks to work in the organisations he has worked with.

I got a lot of new information about frameworks I had never heard of and people who are likely to be worth reading about.

We also got pizza. Which was great.

I would like to get John Coleman to speak at the Adventures with Agile meetup at some point.
You can see a list of our upcoming Meetups and free events here.

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