5 Reasons To Join The Enterprise Agile Coaching Cohort?

With our inaugural Enterprise Agile Coaching Expert Program in full swing and our forthcoming cohort starting in just a couple of months this April, we are learning so much. Not just about the program’s incredible impact on the current cohort but why there is such a need for this program and what drives people to take part.  

A cohort learning experience is very different from that of a classroom-based course, not least because it’s much longer – typically nine months – and the learning is highly collaborative.  That aside, what gives? What is the point of taking part in a program like this, especially If you already have the ICP-ENT and ICP-CAT certs?  There are tons of reasons why and today I share what I consider the top five.  

Gain Courage and Confidence

To work with execs at the level they expect you need to be courageous and have the confidence to stand in your truth, no matter what. And that is hard. Imposter Syndrome is real. It plagues even the most talented amongst us. But there is a cure. As evidenced by several members of our current cohort who have undergone dramatic transformations culminating in true confidence and self-belief. This has resulted in resilient leaders who are aware of their impact and power.

Get Clarity On Your Next Step

Had a challenging day at work? When you are an Enterprise Agile Coach Expert cohort member you can air your frustrations to your cohort community who are typically in the same situation as you or even better, have been there! Not only will you gain a wide range of perspectives and opinions, but you will also hear what others have tried, what worked, what didn’t and what you could try next time.

Challenge Your Approach & Expertise

Enterprise Agile Coaching is a leadership role. Therefore, self-development of yourself as a leader is a crucial cornerstone in becoming an enterprise coach. This means we grow you so that you are ready to grow your organisation. We do this not just by broadening your expertise in practices, methods and approaches around enterprise coaching but by challenging you at many levels. There will be moments where you feel uncomfortable, but this is all in the name of growth. After all, “Change doesn’t come from a place of comfort”.

Demonstrate Your Impact

Throughout the nine months, you will have time and support to experiment, grow and develop strategies for change over a much longer period than you would get on a two or three-day class. Plus, you will be supported in applying and assimilating the tools when you are back in your workplace. You will also acquire a catalogue of evidence demonstrating the application of the tools and how you have moved the needle for your client, which in itself is a fantastic asset that will illustrate your expertise and increase demand for your coaching services.

Unlock Change Within Your Organisations

Once you have completed the program you will have undergone a huge transformation of not just your expertise but yourself too. As long as you put the work in you will reap the rewards. On our current cohort, our members are already starting to realise their goals having honed their expertise and are finally having the right conversations with the right people who hold the power to facilitate and unlock the change in the organisation.

Are You Ready?

If you have been working within organisations coaching beyond the team level and you are committed to growing yourself as an enterprise coach and leader then this program could be for you. If you are ready and meet the pre-requisites, then head over to the program page and apply to take part in the program.

If on the other hand, you feel like you aren’t ready just yet, then that’s OK. If you are unsure about applying and want to determine your readiness, then for a limited time only we are inviting prospective cohort members to a coaching call with our program leads to assess whether they are ready to take part. Please contact us for more information.

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