5 reasons to join the Expert in Agile Coaching Cohort Program

Led by AWA’s international expert program leads, David Lowe, Louria Lindauer and Rafa Ribeiro our ICAgile Accredited Expert in Agile Coaching cohort program is a one-of-a-kind learning experience designed to sharpen your agile coaching competencies alongside industry peers.

ICAgile have set an incredibly high bar to pass this certification and we will share the “secret sauce” on how to pass, what they are looking for, and ample time to practice and integrate knowledge within a feedback-rich learning environment.

Why You Need to Be Here!

  • Unleash exponential growth as a coach and as a human being
  • Renewed confidence in who you are, in your strengths, your edges and your growth areas.
  • Skilfully and smoothly gain confidence in you as a coach and as a leader
  • Expertly leverage complex situations to unlock the hidden potential within your teams
  • Hold one of the most advanced competency-based certifications in the discipline of Agile Coaching
  • Enjoy greater demand for your coaching services by clients who recognise your ability to operate at a higher level

Dream of professionalising your agile coaching career and long to be recognized for your experience and expertise then apply online today.

Hone your expertise and become proficient in:

  1. Professional Coaching – Skilfully establish trust with your clients and zero in on their agenda resulting in outcomes that resonate and provides a clear way to forward their goals.
  2. Facilitation – Confidently hold space for your teams to co-create, decide and move forward in meetings that engage and inspire everyone.
  3. Mentoring – Masterfully differentiate between different teams’ maturity, discern what their needs are and confidently provide them with options that will help solve their challenges.
  4. Training – Expertly relay new concepts and techniques in engaging ways that enable deeper understanding with learning that sticks.
  5. Navigating the roles – Skilfully and smoothly choose between the different roles depending on your clients’ needs ensuring effective results with your teams.

If you are wholly passionate about coaching teams and dream of being recognised as an expert agile coach, then this is the program for you.

Learn more and apply today.


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