Our Story


Simon Powers founded Adventures with Agile to tackle the problems large organisations face when moving to agile ways of working. Everything we do is underpinned by our vision to making working life better. We believe that organisations which are optimised around shared collaboration, communication and iterative approach to work improves the way we make products and services, which has the knock-on effect of making our lives better at work and home.

Organisations are only as able as their leadership, their structure and the resulting culture. Confusion, lack of emotional intelligence, and underlying beliefs that conflict with agile values are often the cause. Adventures with Agile addresses this in a number of ways, initially by making the most influential people in the agile world accessible through free events and training. In 2016, we launched our consultancy to provide contextual support to organisations and a secure and private platform for the members of the community called the “AWA Support Network”.

We Believe:

  • real change starts from within
  • together we can help each other with that change
  • people are more important than process
  • the world needs better leaders
  • we / you are the leaders we have been waiting for

Who Are We?

Simon Powers (right) is our head of consultancy, and is often out onsite at our clients working as an organisational coach.

Heather Powers is the backbone of AWA by managing important details like logistics, finances and contracts.

Charley Kent takes care of our training, events and marketing and works closely with Mika Peck who looks after our consultancy work, contractors and pitches. These are the people to speak with to find out more about our events, training and consultancy or how to work for/with us.

Our Consultants

Our full-time consulting team are experienced and motivated coaches, consultants and trainers. They’re engaged with our clients who are at varying stages of their agile journey. The full-time team includes Philiy Lander, Ian Rees, Josh D’jelal, Kevin Burke, and Tim Robinson.

Contacting AWA

We’d love to hear from you so why not give us a call or drop us an email:

  • t: 0203 369 1125 // e: support@adventureswithagile.com

Keys figures such as the ones AWA host are truly inspiring people who have an impact on those around them just by being around them.