Agile Animalia in Bristol & Bath (a debrief)

Last Wednesday, 4th October, along with our sister company, Bryter Work, we were delighted to support Carl Rogers joining the first Agile Bristol & Bath Meetup since before the pandemic. With twenty-eight participants from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, the kickoff couldn’t have been better – thanks to the collaborative mega game of Agile Animalia.

What is Agile Animalia?

Agile Animalia is an engaging megagame that delves into cross-team collaboration. Played over 90 minutes, its flexibility allows adjustments in time and depth of learning. The objective? To construct the most impressive paper zoo in three rounds, keeping in mind the requirements provided by customer focus cards. As the game progresses, these requirements can change. Participants form teams, each contributing uniquely to the zoo’s development – from procuring animals, constructing habitats to crafting premium visitor experiences. Throughout, players strategize to ensure the zoo thrives, pleasing animals, staff, and visitors alike.

Agile Animalia Bath & Bristol 1
Agile Animalia Bath & Bristol 2

What did we learn from the experience? 

The power of games as social tools cannot be understated. Serious play imparts lessons that can rival real-world experiences. It offers a safe space to acquire new skills and re-evaluate our established methods. Moreover, it challenges our shared perceptions, encouraging innovative solutions. In Bristol, our focus was understanding the dynamic nature of human collaboration in tackling the complex challenge of interdependent teams and changing external forces. Embracing an inclusive, experimental approach to change, we identified optimal collaboration and problem-solving patterns based on recurring challenges or opportunities each round. Catch Carl’s insights from Wednesday’s Agile Animalia game in the attached video.

Topics the Bristol & Bath Meetup delved into during the Agile Animalia game:
  • Embracing triple loop learning for transformative change
  • Identifying lean wastes: motion, overproduction, waiting, transportation, and inventory
  • The repercussions of delayed feedback loops due to infrequent integration
  • Recognising the importance of visual workflow and managing ongoing projects
  • The transition from individual roles to cohesive, cross-functional teams
  • Relating the experience to the core principles of Agile
  • The pivotal Core Protocols in decision-making
  • Incorporating the Enterprise Change Pattern for inclusive change

Are you interested in designing and running your own learning games? 

Join us for a comprehensive course on ‘Designing Agile Games for Accelerated Learning‘ from 7-8th December 2023, led by Carl himself. Over this engaging two-day session, delve deep into the nuances of hosting agile learning games, and the science behind them. It’s not all theory – expect plenty of hands-on gaming and even crafting your very own game!

Program Highlights:
  • Dive into the value of agile learning games
  • Adapt and improvise existing games
  • Build confidence to design your own!
  • Nurture safe and engaging learning environments
  • Explore online vs in person learning games

Interested in playing Agile Animalia? 

Finally, you can grab the complete game kit – rules, materials, and facilitator’s guide, all available for free on the Bryter Work website.
Keen on implementing it within your organisation or Meetup? We’re here to help. Discuss effective game execution strategies with us or even invite Carl to host it personally.

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