Agile Fundamentals Certification Boost


AWA & Judy Rees are delighted to present – The Agile Fundamentals Boost – an experiential ICAgile-accredited learning experience available exclusively to participants of Pluralsight’s Agile Fundamentals Learning Path.

This one-of-a-kind remote class teaches and verifies that participants have successfully met all the necessary Learning Outcomes to earn the internationally-recognized, ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) designation. This highly-interactive class is led by ICAgile Authorized Instructors.

Participants who successfully complete this class after completing Pluralsight’s Agile Fundamentals Learning Path will come away with a solid understanding of core concepts including a practical and immediately applicable toolkit.



Participants who have successfully completed Pluralsight’s  Agile Fundamentals path will benefit from this class because it covers the remaining Learning Outcomes required to earn the ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) designation. Participants  already know where agile came from, how to foster collaboration, and the benefits of iterative development after completing Pluralsight’s Agile Fundamental Learning Path, but now need a set of proven skills and techniques required to be successful in agile ways of working.


AWA and Judy Rees’ approach, combine best-in-breed practical agile techniques (not just theory!) and live online training practices to help participants learn and embrace the Agile Mindset and become an ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP). This experiential live online training combines interactive sessions with a live class and trainer.

DURATION: 4 hours

FEES: $500


  • Demonstrate how to create a collaborative environment online
  • Describe the foundations for high-performing teams including psychological safety
  • Recognise how the human mind (mindset) changes when under stress
  • Explain what agile is and when to use agile
  • Create environments where great work just happens
  • Show how to manage difficult communication and landscapes
  • Explain how to apply agile for better delivery of products and services
  • Demonstrate the importance of iterative product delivery
  • Identify why and where things are going wrong
  • Implement proven agile techniques for better team performance (customer, products, quality, outcomes)
  • Explain how to maintain and improve quality
  • Show how to reduce risk and increase value of product delivery
  • Demonstrate understanding and create a plan of action for their team


AWA is a global training and coaching provider helping organisations move towards enterprise agility. Using our people-first approach we have trained 1000s of people in unlocking the behavioural change required for agile mindset and mastery.  Our faculty of agile experts teaches people and organisations how to collaborate more effectively, experiment and improve.  Working at all levels of the organisation, we train and coach teams on how to speak the same language, identify problems in how they work together, and adopt new behaviours. This new competency – continuous learning and improvement – allows teams to achieve their organisational goals.


The Rees McCann Partnership helps people and organisations who work apart, to work better, together.

Judy Rees, founding Partner, is an author, speaker, consultant, trainer and coach based in London, UK – mostly working over the internet. She’s all about distributed diversity and communication clarity in complex contexts.

Judy regularly facilitates online events such as what was probably the world’s first “video unconference”, in which 150 people self-organised to talk about the things that mattered to them over more than 12 hours. The event is now entering its fourth iteration.

Judy is the co-author of a bestselling book, “Clean Language”, which describes a precision inquiry toolkit which works especially well in complex systems. Judy coaches using this methodology, and also teaches Clean Language to Agile coaches and others, mostly online.

Please submit the following form if you are interested in registering for this class, at which time you will receive additional class details (e.g., next class date and time).


Please submit the following form if you are interested in registering for this class, at which time you will receive additional class details (e.g., next class date and time).

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