Agile Human Resource. Does it exist?

The ghastly stock photo image used in this post is what springs to my mind when I think of traditional HR.

At worst, Human Resources is there simply to protect the company from it’s own staff suing them.

Traditional policies of career advancement, the annual review and getting ahead by benchmarking yourself against your co-workers is simply not going to cut it any more.

Luckily, we had Fabiola Eyholzer fly over from the United States to present a talk with Adventures with Agile about how HR can be better and align within an Agile organisation.

Fabiola is a Senior level executive with an outstanding career in management consulting, profound expertise in Human Resources, Enterprise Agility, Compensation & Performance Management, Operations & Processes, and Strategy.

She is CEO of Just Leading Solutions (JLS).

JLS is a global management consulting firm, head-quartered in New York City, that advises enterprises on how to build stronger, more responsive and innovative businesses through an organization-wide integration of lean | agile values, principles, and practices.

With it becoming really obvious that we need to change the cultural aspects of our organisations to achieve the Agile Mindset, then what better place to start than HR.

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