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Business leaders come to us because they face increasing competition and accelerating change, no matter what industry they’re in. To compete – and win – they need their teams to become better at navigating change, solving complex problems and delivering innovative solutions. This is how we help. Our business solution-oriented coaching services help organisations adopt the behaviours and mindset that leverage the power of agile tools and process so you can get new products and services to market faster, and better.


We help uncover team inter-dynamics at play and show teams how they can understand each other better resulting in a high-trust team environment that gets products out faster. Our expert team help embed new practices and behaviours by helping teams put new knowledge into action to result in the changes required thus turning knowledge into habits. We also help teams embed the problem-solving skills, trust  and communication patterns needed to solve new, complex problems as they arise. 


Moving from a project to product centric ways of working to leverage the power of agility resulting in your organisation’s ability to get better products to market in more efficient ways requires a significant shift in way your teams work, how they communicate (and think), and how they are managed. This is where we help. Through our trusted blend of coaching, training and mentoring programs we show your teams how to leverage the agile processes to develop better products and services and continue delivering on time even in the face on continuous change. The result is teams who know how to work smarter at what ever stage they are in their product development journey.


How do we maintain our company culture which translates when we are all remote? Are we still going to be able to deliver when everyone is suddenly distributed? What can we do to ensure meetings are productive even when we are remote? These are just some of the challenges we help our clients overcome with teams that are suddenly online. Because we are deeply skilled in helping business continuity in the face of disruption and continuous change we are able to help our clients have confidence in commercial success in their projects and delivery.


How do I get the stats that I need? How do I continue to deliver in this new model? How do I shift the culture? These are just some of the questions we help senior management teams answer when moving through change. Through our proven Leadership development coaching and mentoring programs we help business leaders get aligned on goals, priorities and methods so that they can support the transformation program and help shift the culture of the organisation in the best way they can to get the results they need.


Clients that have engaged in our coaching programmes see palpable return on their investment, in the form of:

  • High-performing, engaged teams with the mindset and skills to innovate in the face of continual change.
  • Ability to adjust priorities as needed, at lower cost.
  • Alignment across teams and departments, improved communication and a strong sense of shared purpose. 
  • Higher employee retention.
  • Faster delivery of products, with fewer defects.
  • Happier customers.

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People First

Agile is more than process Implementation. It’s a shift in the way we do business, resulting in more responsive and more value driven organisations. We do this by focussing on people first so that teams can fully leverage the power of agile tools and processes.

Co-created Approach

We don’t prescribe a one size fits all approach. Whilst other consultancies typically have an idea of what is right for their clients and often take frameworks and apply them to any context, we instead focus on a coaching and facilitative approach to co-create new ways of working based on your context.

Agile in an Agile way

We work at all levels of your organisation: with individual teams, entire departments, and the leadership group. The AWA playbook is underpinned by an incremental and iterative, framework agnostic, approach that unlocks the potential of agile ways of working. Agile delivered in an Agile Way.

Enterprise Expertise

We also work across teams and departments, helping organisations adopt an enterprise-wide, product-centered focus and reach agreements on methods, goals and cultural values.

certified scrum master training


Team: We work with each team to help them adopt the mindset and behaviours that help them fully leverage agile processes and unlock their true potential. Available onsite and Remote

Enterprise: We shift teams from concentrating on their narrow concerns to an enterprise-wide focus on product and customers.



Our train-the-trainer service is for clients who have many 1000s of staff who require training in the foundational agile knowledge and skillsets. We will show your trainers how they can deliver engaging classes with content really sticks using our “do it now” format. Resulting in increased capacity to use our trusted courseware across your organisation.



Coaching: Most of our coaching, consultancy and mentoring services are available remotely. Please speak to our team for more details

Training: Key Certified classes are now available online across US and European timezones including our popular team coaching, certified scrum master and enterprise agility courses.



Achieve exciting life, career and business goals. Increase performance. Master stress. Our one to one professional coaching sessions help you put things into practice in the real world.


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