Agile Coaching for Organisational and Behavioural Change


Clients come to us because they face increasing competition and accelerating change, no matter what industry they’re in. To compete – and win – they need their teams to become better at navigating change, solving complex problems and delivering innovative solutions. 

Our coaching services help organisations adopt the behaviours and mindset that allow teams to grow and work together more successfully. 

We’re often called in to help teams that have received Agile training, but not learned how to apply it in everyday situations. They may understand the ideas behind Agile and have implemented what they understand to be Agile processes. But they haven’t learned how to address the fundamental relationships that are the bedrock of good business outcomes.

agile business transformation services

Our Agile coaching services help people change their workplace behaviours so they can make the most of their valuable skills, and work together to reach their fullest potential. This in turn drives better business results for your enterprise.

We work at all levels of your organisation: with individual teams, entire departments, and the leadership group. We also work across teams and departments, helping organisations adopt an enterprise-wide, product-centered focus and reach agreements on methods, goals and cultural values.

Our core approach is to have teams consider where they are and the improvements they need to make, then practise the skills that will help them achieve those improvements – not just once, but again and again, in a cycle of continuous improvement.

What does this actually look like?

  • We facilitate teams in learning how to create and run small experiments to test new ways of working
  • Teams evaluate the results of their experiments and determine whether the outcome was successful in terms of team and organisational goals. 
    • If successful, they move on to the next item for improvement
    • If not, they regroup, consider again what they should test, and carry out a further experiment.

This approach, coupled with workshops, coaching and mentoring, lets people acquire the skills they need to continually adapt and improve their work and outcomes. Individuals and teams both gain context for the role of their group in the wider organisation, shifting focus from a narrow focus to a wider product focus. They also learn how to develop the trusting relationships and clear communication that allow organisations to succeed.

Our coaching services include any or all of the following:

  • Team coaching. We’ll work with each team to help them adopt the mindset and behaviours that help them unlock their full potential.
  • Product and process innovation. Learn how to reconsider and adapt current processes through the lens of product focus.
  • Enterprise coaching. We help shift teams from concentrating on their narrow concerns to an enterprise-wide focus on product and customers.
  • Leadership development. To be successful, organisations need leaders who know how to mentor and coach, and who have learned to trust and work effectively with each other.
  • Complex problem coaching. We help teams embed the problem-solving skills, trust  and communication patterns needed to solve new, complex problems as they arise.
  • Organisational diagnostics. Learn how your organisation is functioning now, where its strengths lie and where improvement is needed most.
  • Organisational design and development. Is your organisation structured for success? Do people get the ongoing training and coaching they need to develop and grow? We’ll help you get there.
  • Certified Agile training and workshops. As a complement to our coaching services, we can also provide certified Agile training for teams, departments and leadership.


Companies that have engaged in our coaching programmes see palpable return on their investment, in the form of:

  • High-performing, engaged teams with the mindset and skills to innovate in the face of continual change.
  • Ability to adjust priorities as needed, at lower cost.
  • Alignment across teams and departments, improved communication and a strong sense of shared purpose. 
  • Higher employee retention.
  • Faster delivery of products, with fewer defects.
  • Happier customers.


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