Organisational Agility

We build powerful internal capabilities

Why our programs are needed right now

Today’s businesses operate in rapidly changing market conditions. Leaders have to respond quickly without the right internal capability to do so. Recent research shows that organisations are struggling to keep up with the acceleration in product complexity and market unpredictability. While customers demand faster response times and products have shorter lifespans.

Many organisations have started moving towards agile ways of working but unfortunately, 70% of these efforts fail.

Building your internal capability is the most effective step your organisation can take to unlock enterprise agility and culture change. Our three different developmental programs help your organisation overcome challenges by showing your business how to develop transformational leaders and unlock organisational change. 

5 reasons why agile transformations fail

  • Ineffective leadership style 
  • Lack of the agile mindset
  • Silo-based delivery structures
  • Lack of correct sponsorship
  • Business culture

How AWA can help your business

Our programs help organisations thrive by showing leaders how to guide the transformation and create the right environment for staff to thrive, innovate, and deliver.

People make successful businesses, not tools or frameworks. That’s why our programs are people, not process led. If your business is to succeed in today’s marketplace, your change strategy needs a people-led approach. We achieve this by building the right internal capabilities that unlock organisational agility.

What is people led?

Nobody knows your business better than you. We empower your people to lead your transformation. We provide your leaders with the critical capabilities to move your organisation ahead, offering constant feedback, support, and coaching. Once you are confident with the approach, we take a step back and provide coaching and support as and when you need it.

Growing Remarkable Leadership V2

Grow remarkable leadership

A developmental program for the senior management team, enabling the creation of the right environment, decisions, and behaviours for people-led culture and delivery change using the AWA Playbook.

Changing The World of Work V2

Change the world of work

Enterprise agile coaching plays a critical role in enabling long-term change. This developmental program teaches internal change agents how to take on the enterprise agile coaching role and how to build, coach and lead a people-led transformation program using the AWA Playbook, resulting in lasting organisational agility.

Catalysing People First Change V2

Catalyse people led change

A developmental program for team leads and managers that grows the skills necessary to establish high-performing teams that deliver innovative, fantastic products within a culture of strong ownership with a people-led delivery focus.

Our secret sauce

The AWA playbook

The Playbook is our powerful people-led approach that drives deep, long-term change across the enterprise and serves as the foundation for our capability building programs. Using our playbook, we provide our clients with the capabilities they need to drive sustainable transformation programs forward.

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