Why Invest in Team Training Now?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Private team training is an excellent solution to maximising team effectiveness, unlocking hidden potential and building high-performance. When teams learn together, they can dive deep into shared and organisational challenges, and we tailor content to suit your business’s context. This means more relevant learning to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of private team training

Tailored content to suit your context
Teams go deeper into the challenges they face within their team and across the organisation
Experienced, certified coach trainers
Learn from the best with our expert coach trainers who actively practice what they teach in real world agile transformations and agile teams
Consistent Learning
Eliminates confusion with one universal message
Flexible schedule and online delivery
Choose between half days or full days. Your needs are our priority.
Private team training allows sensitive and confidential information to be discussed freely since only your team is in attendance. Ask the tough questions you need to solve your specific issues.
Cost Savings
Private training is designed specifically for group training and our groups training prices typically save up to 20% compared to sending those students to individual courses

Do these stats sound familiar?

  • 47% of leaders believe employees are not sufficiently agile, persistent, or self-starting to handle change
  • 2% of executives believe their employees lack the skills to engage in the kind of open, productive dialogue required to survive.
  • 52% of employees said their bosses did not have the skills needed to successfully navigate a change
  • only 7.3% of employees were confident their senior leaders could plan, communicate, or lead the sustainable changes needed for success.

Why the time to invest in team training is now

To stay competitive in the future, today’s business leaders need to take learning seriously. That’s why, in agile environments, we require so called “soft skills” to fully leverage new technology and changing business models. Coaching, leadership, and behaviour change skills are the skills of the future and make the biggest difference when an organisation and its people are under pressure.

L&D matched to strategic business outcomes

At AWA, we match learning and development to strategic business outcomes by building capability in crucial skills that hone your workforce’s capacity to work with others and bring new ideas to the table.  As a result, a reskilled and empowered workforce are prepared and empowered to deliver new business models in the post-pandemic era with agility baked into their DNA.

Take the next step toward maximizing team effectiveness and unlocking hidden potential. Speak with one of our specialists today.

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