Agile Team Coach & Facilitator Back-to-Back this Summer!

Agile Team Coach & Facilitator Back-to-Back this Summer!

Over 1 year, 6 countries and 8 cities since we launched our 3 day ICAgile Certified Agile Team Coach course to sell-out classes worldwide, we are delighted to announce a series of back-to-back classes combining both our popular Agile Team Coach course with our 100% powerpoint free Agile Team Facilitator course this spring and summer.

We created these training courses to raise the bar of agile coaching worldwide by exploring what it means to be an agile coach and how to fold professional coaching skills into the work you do with agile teams. Each time we run this training we are blown away by each participant’s transformational and eye opening experiences and the positive impact the training subsequently has on themselves, their work and their teams.


These two classes form part of ICAgile’s Agile Coaching Track, which provides you with a dramatically improved coaching and facilitation tool kit that brings the best out in agile teams.

The The Agile Team Facilitator class will give you highly-effective facilitation skills enabling you to design and lead engaging meetings that involve everyone, delivering maximum impact.

The Agile Team Coach course seeks to raise the bar of agile coaching and is for anyone who coaches agile teams. We explore 3 key themes including how you show up, professional coaching and how this folds into coaching agile teams.

Some of the key realisations that people walk away with include things like:

  • How to listen and coach better instead of problem solving
  • Better understand your role as coach and manager
  • Help not only your team but your entire department
  • Gain more confidence with your dramatically improved coaching skills
  • Improved relationships with team and stakeholders

You’re welcome to book both or either Agile Team Coach or Facilitator classes individually and you’re still guaranteed an unparalleled learning experience!

Our highly-impactful classes are fun, energising and packed full of activities.


  • Know what an agile coach is and how this role plays out with your teams.
  • How to coach toward high-performance and gain effective skills in encouraging team collaboration and trust and how to resolve conflicts.
  • How to coach and mentor through different kinds of change.
  • A new facilitation tool kit enabling you to facilitate sessions for full participation.
  • Facilitate better, more meaningful collaborative conversations and increased capacity to give and receive feedback.
  • Design and facilitate Agile meetings in a variety of contexts and for varied team maturity levels
  • Distinguish yourself with two ICAgile Certified Coaching certifications.
  • Book Agile Team Coach or Facilitator classes both together or individually and you’re still guaranteed an unparalleled learning experience!

>> here are 3 more reasons why you should attend this training!


Don’t just take our word for it… Read what previous class cohorts have to say!

This was a thoroughly rewarding course which forced me to step outside of myself and think about what I can change and do differently to bring out the potential in those I work with and the teams I am a part of.” – Amber, Manager

This course has opened my mind to the way I think, listen and respond. I believe it will significantly change how I work with others.” – Jocelyn, Senior Manager


Join us on one of our forthcoming classes in UK, Europe and USA.

LONDON – 13th – 17th May
LISBON – 20th – 24th May
CHICAGO – 10th – 14th June


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