Why agile works & how to go beyond it with Alistair Cockburn

Adventures with Agile are honoured to announce a new training course for agilists this September in London. Now’s your opportunity to learn why agile works and how to go beyond it on the 3 day Advanced Agile Master Class with the co-author of the agile manifesto – Alistair Cockburn.

“Expert” agile practitioners have mastered the practices – but not why they work, how to adjust practices to situations, how to approach new and surprising situations, not how to apply agile practices to non-software projects, how to incorporate results from other fields back to their own projects, how to tailor the practices to different organizational cultures.

This course with the co-founder of the agile manifesto – Alistair Cockburn addresses these areas. If you want to learn why agile works, and how to go beyond it, then attend the Advanced Agile Masterclass with Alistair Cockburn this September.

What you will learn

  • why agile works, in software or outside of it
  • how to articulate and deal with the weaknesses in agile development
  • how to work in nano-increments,
  • how to reduce risk by viewing design as a Knowledge Acquisition
  • how to back up your recommendations with solid theory, not appeal to authority
  • how to plan and track larger, more complicated projects (time permitting)
  •  . . . and most of all
  • Come face-to-face with yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, as you confront one situation after another with inquisitive classmates.

Who Should Attend:

This is for you if you are in any role, from any industry, you have been working with agile projects for half a year, preferably several years, you have the basic practices, ideally in several different contexts, and you are ready to study hard why agile works, what it means to do it well, how to get past everyday, ordinary “agile” behavior.

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