An exciting opportunity to learn about empathy

Hopefully by now, every Agile Coach, Scrum Master, HR Change Agent, and Enterprise Coach, is fully aware of the role that Professional Coaching plays in their job role. Professional Coaching is the key that transforms effectiveness from the mundane to the extraordinary.

The late Carl Rogers, often said to the be the founding father of professional coaching, detailed 3 ingredients for a good professional coaching relationship. These were unconditional positive regard, authenticity, and empathy.

Unconditional positive regard is built into the agile mindset. Without it, it is impossible to make progress and the hopeful change agent will create resistance, remain unheard, and become despondent thinking that no one listens to them, is not ready for change, or they are not good enough to get results.

Empathy is much more complex than most people realise. Did you know for instance that there are 3 types of empathy? Did you know that empathy is a neurological phenomenon?

Empathy is pathway by which we can achieve a higher level of inner skill to deal with complexity, collaboration, and innovation. It is an amplifier for our outer skills.

Anita Nowak is the world’s leading expert on empathy. She has been working in this field for over two decades, was named professor of the year twice, is an advisor for many different organisations, and has been promoting Purposeful Empathy as an inspirational keynote speaker for over 10 years, and soon will be an author with her book on the same subject.

There is no one better to learn about empathy from. Anita will be speaking at an AWA meetup on the 25th February at 4pm GMT. I invite you to attend for free. You will need to review our attendance policy and register on our meetup site.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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