Anything is possible. But what is your purpose?

Do you wake up at 5am, so excited by the day ahead that you can’t sleep? Do you get out of bed and get to work early, only to find you co-workers there because they were so excited about their day that they got there first?

If not, then you may lack on of the three elements of motivation that Dan Pink identifies in his video.

This post is about one of those elements: purpose.

Your organisation exists for a reason. It is not just to make money. There is some other reason of WHY your organisation exists and that reason is the ‘why’ anyone should care about your products and services. That purpose is WHY you should care about turning up.

Ask yourself what is the purpose of my organisation. The real purpose.

You could be doing anything in the world right now. There is a whole universe out there of possibility. Why are you doing what you are doing right now, in your daily work?

Through Scaling Agile, we hear about the organisation aligning around value. Value is defined in the business case, gets copied to the epics and broken down into features and stories. Value should be represented by a stream through the stories into your product and out to your customer.

But what is value?

Value is the WHY you are in business. Value is the reason you get up in the morning. It is the driving force behind the motivation of purpose that makes us part of something more than that which we could achieve by ourselves.

If you do not work for an organisation that is aligned around value and purpose, then you might think about hiring a Scaling Agile Coach with experience of organisational change. Someone who can inspire you and your staff to become true leaders.

Leadership is about inspiring those around you to find the purpose in what you do, align with that purpose, make it your own and make that value come to life.

If you would like to chat about how your organisation can find and align around purpose to bring value to your customers, and motivate people to believe in what you do, then get in touch.

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