Applying the Principles of Flow

Applying the Principles of Flow

Learn the agile & lean techniques that can provide a quick and lasting return on investment for product development on this exceptional 2-day workshop facilitated by renowned expert Donald Reinertsen

What you will learn:

You will learn the lean techniques that can provide a quick and lasting return on investment for product development.

  • Developing an Economic Framework: How to quantify the financial impact of improvements in cycle time, cost, and quality.
  • Managing Queues: How to control the invisible and unmanaged queues that hurt cycle time, efficiency, and quality.
  • Understanding Variability: How to reduce the economic damage done by variability while keeping the benefits of innovation.
  • Reducing Batch Size: Using batch size reduction as tool to reduce queues and improve feedback.
  • Applying WIP Constraints: How WIP constraints and other WIP control strategies improve cycle time, efficiency and quality.
  • Controlling Flow: Using cadence, synchronization, and work sequencing to improve flow.
  • Using Fast Feedback: How to design feedback and control systems that make a difference.
  • Decentralizing Control: Balancing the advantages of centralized and decentralized control.

Key benefits of this course:

Through experiential exercises, lectures and facilitated Q&A, you will learn:

  • identify when queues cause economic damage
  • use batch size reduction and WIP constraints to improve flow
  • create fast feedback loops to increase quality and efficiency
  • reduce the economic cost of variability without stifling innovation
  • develop a step-by-step implementation plan to incorporate lean principles into your own development process

Attend if you:

  • Are a manager who plays an important role in product development
  • Are reaching the point of diminishing returns using conventional approaches to product development
  • You wish to quickly get benefits using lean methods

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