Simon Powers

Dreams and action

January marked the first three months of the 100 Thought Leaders Program (100TL). To celebrate, consolidate, and enable us to grow, as a team, we chose to focus on our motivations and goals going forward as much as on what we had learnt so far. An exercise facilitated by @Gemma Honour gave us some structure

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thought leadership

Thought Leadership

Firstly, what is thought leadership? The business world is abuzz with the different meanings of the word leader. Traditional meanings of the word meant those at the top of the hierarchy. Those who set the vision and direction for the rest of us. As Agile ways of working spread across the working world and digital

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The 9 most important skills for an Enterprise Coach

Many organisations need help adapting to their rapidly changing marketplaces, whether public or private. The rate of change can be overwhelming. Upgrading organisations to meet current and future challenges is not a simple endeavour. This article details the key skills you need to be an effective Enterprise Coach (EC).   1. Self Mastery Initially, most

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Change. Chapter 3. Collective sense-making through stories

“The past changes a little every time we retell it.” — Hilary Mantel Introduction to the chapter Over the years many people have propositioned me to buy Adventures with Agile. In one of these discussions, the CEO of the other company told me that I would go far because I was able to express truth in the form

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