The AWA Framework - Whitepaper (2015)

Why Create the AWA Framework?

Scaling Agile is hard. The difficulty comes because of organisational context and culture. Until now, it has been really difficult to apply the standard Agile frameworks, organisational tools, and processes, out of the box to real life. Context gets in the way of the ideal.

The symptoms of this problem are frustrated coaches, managers who think that coaches are unable to provide pragmatic solutions adjusted to fit the organisational state, and cargo cult agile that does little to provide the benefits that were promised.

The AWA framework addresses and solves this problem by first identifying the current behaviours that the organisation exhibits. These behaviours are then mapped to the framework, which then provides the mind-set context the organisation is in and from this it is possible to determine what ‘tone of voice’, practices, process, tools and frameworks are most relevant for the organisation.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

The history of organisational change and where your organisation is now.

What tools to use and when, potentially saving millions in costs of any improvement program due to avoiding cargo cults, high turnover of staff and deploying the wrong tools and processes.

Current version of the white paper

The AWA framework is, and will always be evolving. This is the very first version and provides a skeleton framework for identifying your organisation’s position on the evolutionary journey of Agile improvement. As more feedback and data is gathered and more work is done on the future versions, deeper mappings will be added.

This framework (and paper) has been written for Agile and Organisational Change Coaches and Adopters involved in making organisations better places to work.

Download the whitepaper here.