AWA interviews Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse for Agile Tour London 2016

The London leg of the Agile Tour will be reaching the capital on the 21st October, featuring a packed line-up of local and international agile experts. As a member of the programme committee, Adventures with Agile are interviewing a selection of speakers at this year’s conference. 

Next up in the Agile Tour London [ATL] interview series is Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse.

1. Tell us a little bit about your agile journey

I’ve been inspired by the agile way of working for a long time. After suffering the consequences and having been part of a gigantic ineffective waterfall software development project, I decided it was time to focus 100% on agile and lean product development. My first Scrum training I took in 2012.

My inspirations:

  • Eric Ries (Lean startup),
  • Steve Blank (customer development),
  • Jim Benson (personal kanban),
  • and many other great people in the agile & lean community.
  • My other inspirations are podcasts such as Agile For Humans (by Ryan Ripley) and the Scrum Master Tool Box (by Vasco Duarte).

2. Your session is Lean Startup Game, what are the origins of the game?

My preference to learn new things to people is by having interactive sessions (learning by doing, serious games, training from the back of the room). Lean startup game is a business simulation in which you need to build your product, invest in your company, research the market and sell your product. It incorporates principles such as the “build-measure-learn” feedback loop, the Minimum-Viable-Product, etc. I am a trained facilitator for the game.

3. What is your preferred board game?

Playing Lean

4. Which sessions are you looking forward to seeing while you’re at Agile Tour London?

  • Kanban metrics in practice,
  • Practical value stream mapping,
  • Teal organisations,
  • The Agile organisation.

 5.     What else is on your radar for this year; any conferences, events, books etc.?

I am speaking at the Scrum Alliance gathering in Munich, 2016. I am co-organiser of XP Days Benelux 2016. I will be facilitating a lean startup boardgames session at Lean Kanban Benelux and Agile Tour Brussels. And I am looking forward to meet people!

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