AWA interviews Michael Hausenblas for Agile Tour London 2016

The London leg of the Agile Tour will be reaching the capital on the 21st October, featuring a packed line-up of local and international agile experts. As a member of the programme committee, Adventures with Agile are interviewing a selection of speakers at this year’s conference. Next up in the Agile Tour London [ATL] interview series is Michael Hausenblas. 

1. You’re speaking at Agile Tour London the title of the session is Agile Application Development For Cloud Native Apps. What are the origins of the talk?

There’s a lot of buzz but also a lot of confusion around cloud-native apps and containerized workloads these days. I wanted to provide an introduction into this space, talking about pros and cons, prerequisites and methods both on the technological level as well as from an organisational perspective. Ideally, after this session, folks have a better idea how to go about cloud-native app design and are equipped with a number of best practices, from CI/CD pipelines to zero-downtime deployments.

3. Which sessions are you looking forward to seeing while you’re at Agile Tour London?

Louise Elliott’s talk on Punishment Driven Development looks super interesting since I’m always interested in organisational aspects of devops and how we can improve the situation around blameless collaboration between different teams and roles. Further, I will certainly attend Raji Bhamidipati’s session on Remote Working In An Agile World, not only because I’m myself in that situation but also because I believe that in future we will see many more distributed teams out there.

 5.     What else is on your radar for this year; any conferences, events, books etc.?

My this year’s favourite non-fiction books that I can wholeheartedly recommend are ‘The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work’ by Scott Berkun and ‘The Art of Monitoring’ by James Turnbull. The event I’m looking forward to later this year is O’Reilly Velocity in Amsterdam ( where I’ll give a training session on continuous integration and deployment in the context of containerized workloads.

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