AWA interviews Pedro Gustavo Torres for Agile Tour London 2016

The London leg of the Agile Tour will be reaching the capital on the 21st October, featuring a packed line-up of local and international agile experts. As a member of the programme committee, Adventures with Agile are interviewing a selection of speakers at this year’s conference. Next up in the Agile Tour London [ATL] interview series is Pedro Gustavo Torres. 

1.  Tell us a little bit about your agile journey?

It all began in 2010 after attending one of Mitch Lacey’s CSM courses. During this journey I had the opportunity of acting in different roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach. I’m currently leading the Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Agile competence centers of a multinational company. Currently the people that inspire me to go above and beyond are Mitch Lacey (my first Scrum trainer), Henrik Kniberg (the author of the very fist agile book I read) and Geoff Watts and Paul Goddard (trainers of The Advanced Scrum Master, the workshop I enjoyed the most).

2. You’re speaking at Agile Tour London the title of the session is Scrum Vs Scrumand Vs Scrumbut: Which one are you doing? What are the origins of the talk?

The origin of my talk is the resistance that still exists today towards adopting the whole Scrum framework. The majority of Scrum implementations are pretty much ScrumButs in the sense that organizations believe that they are practice Scrum when in fact they are not. So I intend to show the audience what they are missing by not using the full Scrum framework.

3. ScrumBut …. Still in 2016, why do so many team struggle to use scrum in full?

I believe companies fail / show lack of interest in adopting scrum in full because they simply don’t understand the WHY and they are just really concerned about the HOW. If you ignore the values of Scrum and you don’t understand the purpose of each ceremony, role and artifact… you will never take the most out of Scrum.

4.     Which sessions are you looking forward to seeing while you’re at Agile Tour London?

After seeing the program I don’t have any doubts that with such great speakers all sessions are going to be fantastic. I’m looking forward to hear Antony Marcano, Hakan Forss, Edward Scotcher, Mattia Battiston, Andrea Darabos and Jose Casal.

 5.     What else is on your radar for this year; any conferences, events, books etc.?

Regarding conferences I’m definitely attending the first Regional Scrum Gathering in Portugal, in the beginning of December. Books wise I’m currently reading “The Coach’s Casebook: Mastering The Twelve Traits That Trap Us” by Geoff Watts and Kim Morgan.

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