The AWA Support Network

The AWA Support Network is a private network of motivated Coaches and Scrum Masters.

Here you can speak securely and confidentially to other Coaches to overcome challenges that you face on a day to day basis.

There’s no cost to join, other than an expected contribution to both ask and answer questions and to write useful content for the public community.

If you want to hear more about the network and how you can join, please email for details.

Why does the support network exist?

We recognise that organisational change is highly contextual. Every organisation and challenge is unique, requiring different trade-offs and decisions. The support network can offer contextual help to other network members for free. It’s independent of consultancy, client, tool, framework, and anything else.

Every member is picked based on their commitment to the community and to learning.

The network gives a safe and confidential place to ask contextual questions, receive contextual answers while sharing your expertise and gaining credit for the work you have done.

If you’re interested in joining the network, please email for more details.