AWA x Play14 x World Retrospective Day

Join AWA, #play14 and 30+ other events across the world for the first ever World Retrospective Day on the 6th February.

What is World Retrospective Day (WRD)?

Follow the Sun as we Retrospect Around the World. – The vision of WRD is to promote continuous improvement through the world by encouraging the adoption of retrospectives, by increasing the utility of retrospectives for people, teams and organisations, and by sharing new ideas and insights with each other.

What is #play14

#play14 is a community of people who are passionate about using games and experiential learning professionally. We all come from different backgrounds, from Agile to the Arts but we all have one thing in common – a love of games as a means to educate, enlighten and coach. #play14 meet several times a year in cities across the world to share games, knowledge and network and the best part is that we take all these learnings back home and re-use within our own organisations.

What to expect?

A retrospective offers the opportunity for teams or groups to stop and reflect on how they are working together and what can be improved. Using the #play14 ethos that doing is the best way of learning, join us for a retrospective on World Retrospective Day. The topic of the retrospective is going to the AWA Community. It’ll be an opportunity to learn new retrospective techniques as well as contribute to growing and improving the AWA Community. We’ll be sharing more details on the night but expect an action-packed evening of learning, sharing and adding a few more retro ideas to your toolkit. The evening will roughly follow the unconference format but the #play14 and AWA facilitators will have prepared the activities beforehand in the interest of time.

We’ll be hosted by the good people at Moo in Farringdon, which is conveniently located close to Farringdon station.

Agenda for the evening:

18:00 – Arrival
18:30 – Retrospective
20:00 – Pizza & Debrief
20:45 – Departure

To take part sign up here on our event page. 

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