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Inbar at AWAAdventures for Agile is a community of practice on Scaling Agile. We have a monthly meetup event in London where we have presenters come and give talks about anything that affects large scale agile adoption.

So far, we have had Inbar Oren talk about the Scaled Agile Framework. Inbar is a contributor to the framework and his material is used in the SPC course and he is highly recommended by Dean Leffingwell, the creator of SAFe.

This month we have John Coleman who has over 20 years’ experience with organisational change to conduct a workshop on behaviours, values and tipping point management. The event is totally booked out with 60 people signed up to come.

We will be taking a break for December and then in January we have Michael Stump is Managing Director for EMEA at Scaled Agile Inc. He will be diving deeper into the concepts of SAFe and continue from where Inbar left off.

In February, we have Scott Ambler the creator of the Disciplined Agile Delivery framework to give a 2 day course and an evening session. We will be flying Scott to the UK for the course and this will be the first time that a community for excellence has done this in London.

Four our evening sessions we have kindly be allowed to use Macmillan’s conference room which is very professional and a good size for up to 60 people.

We also create videos of our evening events and upload these to YouTube on our channel. Room and time allowing, we also supply pizzas for our evening events.

We have a website which runs from WordPress and we have a place to blog, list resources such as books, links and videos, we keep an up to date list of events in London and would like to expand this more.

We have a Facebook page, LinkedIn page and Twitter account which are not used and we would like to make more use of these to share resources and promote our events.

We have a Jira in the cloud instance to manage our backlog of idea, stories and tasks.

The vision for the community is

Contribute to the long term adoption of Agile as a source of values and organisational process specifically focusing on large scale (more than a few teams) implementations and the Agile mind-set.

We are not commercially linked or want sponsorship. I am looking for a few independent people who have direct real life experience of scaling Agile who want to become part of the community to help come up with ideas for the backlog, complete items and build the community. This may be contributing to write blog posts, organising events, raising money etc.

These are not paid positions, they are positions for people who have the same shared vision and belief that Agile, done properly, can change the world we live in for the better. If you want to part of that and help guide the community, please contact me and we can have a chat to see how you can help.


Simon Powers
Organiser and Host for Adventures with Agile