Elaine Tittanegro [AWA Contributor]

Hi! I’m Elaine, a (recently promoted) Agile Coach at reed.co.uk. I like to think that if you work hard the sweet days, like today, will come, no matter what. I’m a very curious person, the famous T-shaped-skills-type-of person (start talking about something interesting and you will get all my attention!). Back in 2007 in Brazil, my home country, I started my career in IT as a QA Analyst (and later a QA Lead). For 3 years I have found many many bugs and made a lot of developers very very angry. Attention to detail and ability to follow the process were my strongest points. At that point the majority of the projects I was working on were waterfall.

In 2011 I had my first contact with Agile, when I was promoted to Scrum Master, being responsible for understanding Agile/Scrum and helping the team to make the transition. I can’t say it was a good application of Agile but I’m very proud of the outcomes I achieved as a newbie in this new world. After 2 years and 3 projects, including helping a Support Team to apply some Agile principles, I became a Certified Scrum Master, left Brazil and moved to London. After some fun, which included learning English and working in a pub, I was hired as a Scrum Master and could continue my career from where I stopped. In the last 3 years I’ve had interesting experiences like being Scrum Master for 7 teams at the same time (yes, madness, I know). My knowledge in Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean and Kaizen increased considerably and I had many opportunities to try, fail and learn from it. My SAFe certification came when I was trying to solve some problems my 7 teams were facing.

By the time I joined reed.co.uk in July last year, I started to feel that I needed something new and interesting (remember, I’m a curious person) to motivate me. I knew all the mechanics of the frameworks but I was missing something, something deeper than answering the 3 questions in every stand up. It was when I started studying the psychological side of people and teams. Coaching techniques, personalities, how our brains work, Management 3.0 (managing for happiness), Learning 3.0 (how to promote emergent learning) are some of the things I’m currently focusing on. I believe that for any framework be successful we need to have engaged and motivated people, therefore we need to understand how they think, what they feel and what motivates them. I am also experimenting Agile in non-development teams as I want to see how Marketing, Finance and Sales can benefit from the 12 principles that considerably improved the way we develop software.