Ivor Chomacki [AWA Contributor]

Despite an early interest in history, spaceflight and boardgames, I was offered a job with information technology in the late ‘80s on the basis that there were too many computer science graduates involved. Systems, apparently, had people in who needed to be taken into account. I, on the other hand, felt that systems with people in had been around long before I.T. It may be significant that at about this time I realised that Douglas Adams was far more than just a very witty author.

After many years of working on a wide variety of I.T. projects, not all of them successful, I came to appreciate the brave struggles of people with the systems they had to work with or within or against. Systems thinking and Lean principles helped me make sense of my experiences and I started to specialise in the business analysis aspects of projects – what is the problem, how could we solve it and what should we build? During this time I heard references to Scrum and Agile – I even tried to use some aspects in my work.

A fortuitous spell of redundancy gave me the opportunity to have my first formal Scrum training. It was like one big Retrospective and now I’m happily embracing the Adventure that is Agile and making up for lost time.