Joakim Sahlberg [AWA Contributor]

My name is Joakim Sahlberg and I work as an agile coach for Netlight Consulting. I am passionate about creating high performing teams and help organisations improve through agile adoption.

My vision is to help move the IT industry away from treating highly educated and skilled engineers as resources and start acknowledging the individual behind the work title. Engineers are people too!

If you as a company live by the agile values, and truly understand what they mean and stand for, employee happiness as well as productivity will increase many fold. It is a win-win situation for every company and every one working in software development.

Netlight itself is a network based organisation and I’m experiencing first hand, every day, what it means to be part of a highly active network with likeminded professionals that are all willing to share their experience and expertise. We have a saying at Netlight – ‘everything a Netlighter knows, Netlight knows’, and that is the power of a truly active network.

I am very excited to be part of the Adventures With Agile Support Network and together I think we can create a truly fantastic community with several centuries of experience accessible at the fingertips of us all.